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Srishti Gaba




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This is a story of a girl name Julia. Let me introduce you to Julia, a very shy girl love to dance, sing and study. She was eleven studying in sixth standard her school was near her home. Daily she used to enjoy the journey from her school to home by watching trees, birds and children playing in the ground. In her family there were three members her mother, her father and she herself.

Everyday she comes from school complete her homework and then goes to park near her home there she used to dance, play, sing with her friends after coming from park she used to read short stories, comic books and then sleep.

One fine day Julia was coming from school. In school, her class teacher told her girls need to be strong, brave and bold. They should stand on their own feet for this they should work hard to fulfill their dreams the name of her teacher was Sushmita Mam.

Sushmita Mam was her favorite teacher. The words of Sushmita Mam were wondering in her mind. When she was coming home from her school. She heard a voice from her back some boys were teasing her. Julia ignored them and went to her home.

On Saturday again those boys were teasing Julia and one of them pushed her so hard that she fell on the road there was heavy traffic on road but no one bothered. Julia took lot of courage and try to fight with those boys but unable to do so.

By this time this news reached her home. Her parents came to that place but those boys ran away within few seconds her parents asked about the whole incident and she narrated everything.

When Julia was telling about whole incident her mother made her mind that Julia will not go alone to anyplace. She told Julia that you will never go alone to anyplace me or your father will accompany you whenever you have to go somewhere.

Julia felt that it is not the solution of the problem but she found herself helpless. That incident was coming to her mind every time she concentrates on any work. Sushmita Mam was observing her from last few days that Julia was lost in her own thoughts.

Julia went to her home she had dinner with her family and then she went to sleep but she was not able to sleep that incident was coming and what Sushmita Mam told her was also coming to her mind.

Finally, she made her mind that she will tell everything to Sushmita Mam.

In morning she went to her school her eyes were searching for someone and that was Sushmita Mam.

Sushmita Mam class got over and Julia called Sushmita Mam.

Julia: Mam, I want to share something with you.

Sushmita Mam: Said Yes, Julia you can

Julia: Explained everything

Sushmita Mam gave her a pearl of wisdom and said to her: Julia you need to be strong. You should learn Karate or join some self defence class you will learn lot of new things. Julia went home and told her parents that she want to join a Karate class her parents agreed to her.

Julia found a Karate class but it was far away from her home. Julia went to Karate class but with her mother or father. There she learnt the techniques of self defence how and when to use them. Sushmita Mam told her parents that let her go alone if you will always be there how she will become independent and bold Julia parents agreed with her.

Julia start going all alone to her karate class and one day again those boys came but this time Julia was not that same old Julia.

One of them tried to push Julia but was not able to because this time Julia gave him a nice kick on his face and now he fell on the ground and all his friends ran away and that boy also ran away and this is how Julia overcame her fear.

If Julia can, why we can't overcome our fears as we all have an infinite power to do whatever we want to do in our life.

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