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Srishti Gaba

Children Stories


Srishti Gaba

Children Stories

Ninth Class

Ninth Class

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I was thirteen years old when I just entered into class ninth. I was in early teens there were so many changes taking place in my body and mind so most of the time I was distracted during my studies. In school when teachers used to teach in class, I was lost in my own thoughts.

I used to get fewer marks in all subjects due to this reason I started losing my confidence. A few of my classmates started teasing me they started bullying me without any reason. They started commenting on me and also used words that were abusive all these things broke me from inside I used to cry a lot but there was no solution. I complained to my teachers but still, I was in the same situation.

But I forgot about my classmates when my first terms exams approached I gave my first term exams but I was having doubt that I will get passed or not but I was happy that my exams are over I did a kind of party and was enjoying that now I am free from exams and my father got a call from school to inform that I was failed in three subjects Maths, Science and Social Studies. In maths, I got thirteen marks out of ninety. In science, I got twenty-four and in social science, I got thirty marks out of ninety. I was failed badly in these three subjects.

When my father got a call from school he didn't tell me immediately, after three-four days my father called me from his office and told me that I was failed in three subjects I start crying bitterly on the phone only and for the whole day, I was crying. In the evening my father brought a poem written by Shri Harivansh Rai Bachchan and the name of the poem was " Koshish Karne Walo ki haar Nahi Hoti".He read the poem for me but I had an argument with my father and screamed badly on him without any reason. But later on, I realize I have done wrong with my father.

When I went to school I was tensed that my classmates will make fun of mine. When I entered my class I thought everyone will call me you are a failure teacher will also call me that I am a failure but when I entered my class nothing happened I was relieved a little bit. My school principal told my father that your ward is not able to get thirty-three percent marks and when I heard this thing I was shocked but I thought now I will definitely work hard in the right direction to get a pass in the ninth standard.

I started concentrating in the class but I was not scoring marks my parents were worried for me. At that time my mother used to say me if you can't do ninth class this year you can drop one year and then again you should try I was upset.

But I was putting my efforts and my efforts go in vain because I was not getting even passing marks in my test .

But soon came a golden turn in my life. I was at my " Mama's house" (Maternal Uncle) and I was studying there he saw me studying and immediately called his friend "Surinder Gulati" my Mama asked him regarding a tutor and he informed us regarding a tutor and we met the tutor his name was Mr. Davender Sharma "Maths teacher" my father met him and told him about my marks in maths . He said you need not worry but she will definitely get passed in ninth standard. My father had full trust in him.

After that, I started going to tuition. He taught me maths in a very interesting way but he was very strict in the matter related homework. If he said you have to do twenty questions then at any cost you have to do it.

I didn't complete my homework one day and he scolded me badly that you don't see that your whole family is worried for you and then they are dropping you here can't you do homework for them only.

These all words pinched me and from that day I started working hard day and night. In the night I used to study till twelve. In my dreams also maths would come.

Slowly and gradually I start getting interested in maths which I used to hate the most and it was just two months to go for exams and I put all my efforts to get good marks in all subjects.

I left no stone unturned and soon I was having my maths paper on March 5, 2014. I was tensed a little bit but I was having a hope that today I will get passed.

In the examination hall before getting the paper I was chanting "Hanuman Chalisa " so that I can get passed. Then I got my paper I read the paper and saw many questions which I can easily solve. So, I started doing the paper and my pen was moving fast I had a hope to get passed but inside my heart, I still had a doubt I came home after giving the exam and I started crying.

Then all the members of my family say this time that you have put all your efforts and this time you will be able to nail it.

It was my last exam in English my father got a call at that time my father and my sister got worried that if the call was from school what will happen but it was from the wrong number they took a deep breath.

After that, my father asked from my class teacher has she got passed in all subjects his answer was "Yes" when I heard "Yes" from my class teacher. I had tears in my eyes and that tears were of happiness. Then my father informed all family members. We were very happy and did the party of "Kulche Chole".

On the day of the result, I got my report card from school and I and my father went to the tutor and gave him sweets and told him that I was passed in all the subjects when we told him he also got very happy.

We thanked our Mama and his friend Surinder Gulati because of them I met a tutor who worked hard on me.

That failure of class ninth changed me from inside I become down to earth, I became calm, I started working in the right direction, started paying attention in the class and started ignoring my classmates who used to bully me.

I actually tasted failure and also tasted success.

So, my failure taught me a lot, changed me a lot made me a better person and from this I can say that failures are very important in a person's life it will first taste you bitter but in the end it tastes very sweet as success is important in one's life same goes will failure it brings out the actual potential of the person and in the time of trouble we should never lose hope and should always respect our family and teachers because, in the end, they are the ones who help you in difficult situations , they will guide you, they will be always by your side but you just need to be little bit patient because, in the end, everything will get right if it is not getting right then always remember it is not an end something is still left and you just need to be positive in every situation that comes.

This is the message to all those who are reading this story that failures will come in your life and you will never know what they want you to teach as they are very important to bring out the real you because without them life will be boring and if everything will go according to you you will not enjoy life as it helps you in making a better person.

This was my struggle of class ninth an incredible and the most memorable journey of class ninth.

Thank you to all those who helped in some way or another in my journey of class ninth.

Special thanks to my Maths teacher, my Mama, my father, my mother, and my younger sister.

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