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Job Interview

Job Interview

3 mins

Samir, why do you want to work in this company?

Sir, I have learnt from Google about this company. This is a progressive company and made profits every year. The company has got reputation outside. Here I find my future safe and secured. There is another reason. I do not wish to be lost in the crowd. I always wanted to work in a company where I may have my identity.For these reasons I find this company as most suited to me.

Please tell us about your weakness!

My weakness is that I forget about the time limit. I forget the time or people who work around me. Some of my friends may not be happy because of this weakness.

Who are the members in your family? What do they do?

We are residents of Delhi. In the name of family I have my mother and father. Father worked as a Chief Mechanical Engineer in Railways.He has retired two years back. Mother was a principal, in a school. She retired three months back.

Samir, we are glad to give you this job offer. Can you join in a week's time?

Thank you for the job offer. Before accepting I would like to tell you that I may like to work from Mumbai, not from here.

Samir, you are from Delhi. Why do you want your posting at Mumbai?

Sir, I seek your apology. The reason is personal.

I don't have any intention to delve into your private matter. But I require some sound reason for your posting at Mumbai. There may be exception to the rule.

Sir, it is too personal. Being in Delhi ,I may not be able to perform better.

Samir , from now on whatever we will talk may not be a part of interview. I wish to help you. That will be possible only when you tell your problem more openly. Without knowing your constraints I may not be able to help you


Sir, A month before my father and mother told me that they were not my biological parents.

Do you have any knowledge about your biological parents?

Yes, they are a Christian couple about whom we know nothing. A few days before we had gone in search of them at Kolkata, but there is no orphanage there now. No body from its neighborhood could tell us anything about its whereabouts.

Do you have any alternative plan to search them out?

I have no idea. I am jolted and quite unaware of it.

What do you want to do further?

I do not know. But one thing is clear that it may be difficult for me to leave with them. Now, whenever I go near them, I feel a sense of guilt. This was precisely the reason for my opting Mumbai.

Samir, your real parents left you after birth but the other looked after you for 25 years. Think yourself whether it is correct to distance yourself from the second because of the first.

No, definitely not.

Was there any lapse on their part during your upbringing?

No, Sir

Was there anything lacking in their love?

No, Sir.

Had they wanted they could have suppressed the fact and not told you about your real parents. But still they told you. They went along with you to Kolkata and extended all help to you in your search.

Is it a mistake to tell the truth? When you needed their help, you remained with them. Now when they expect your help at their old age, you want to distance yourself and go to Mumbai.

Next day ....

Sir, I will continue to live in Delhi. I shall join you in a week

Original Story:- https://storymirror.com/read/story/hindi/ipp2xjrp/jonb-inttrvyuu by Yogesh Suhagwati Goyal

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