Saroj Ali

Drama Action Thriller


Saroj Ali

Drama Action Thriller

It May Also Happen! 3, Termination of the Temptation

It May Also Happen! 3, Termination of the Temptation

11 mins

We are walking for hours. The sky is clear. Twinkling stars and moonlight are removing voids of darkness all around. There is the same drought land extending to the horizon. Sirs are encouraging and restraining us continuously that we may break down. There are no people but bones of man or animal lying here and there. They may have died for the lack of food and water. The environment around us is so quiet that there seems to be no living thing on earth except us.

 Suddenly, we see a small village long away. Sir says, "we will go there and watch in silence. We don't know what will happen there, so all of us have to be very careful. Don't be afraid of death. Remember, our Lord is God and remain steadfast, shall neither fear nor grieve."

 We reach back from a cottage and peek into the room through a window. We see an elderly couple praying, "oh Lord, forgive us if any. We are in severe danger. Protect us and provide us much more patience not to bow our head in front of the deceiver." We decide to enter the house to spend this night. We knock the door and it is opened. We give our introduction as a believer of God and ask for shelter.

 They allow us to enter the cottage. What a poor condition they have! They have nothing but this cottage, neither food nor water. They say, "please don't mind as we are not able to do any hospitality except giving you shelter." we say them it is alright and request not to concern about it. Again we ask them about the condition of this place. The old person tell,

 "This is not only the case here but the whole world is like this. The deceiver was on a island and he was chained there into a dark cave of a mountain. He was waiting for the background to reveal. Listen about the background. People had no moral and ethics, they thought all the power were in their hands. At that time God chose a head for the world and the believers got united to him. The immoral people were united against those who were on the truth. They were hundred times greater than the believers. But at the end of the war the believers won.

 Two years there was no rain, the water reservoir has dried up. The heart of man has become stony and the faith of God is something rare. Man harms his brother in humanity in ways that savage beasts do not do in wildlife. At this time the deceiver has made his self-revelation. At that war there was severe damage, so the believers had to retreat from him. They have taken shelter at the holy house. In these days the knowledgeable are considered ignorant and the ignorant are considered most knowledgeable. The knowledge is eradicated. So ignorant considered to be extremely knowledgeable, are followed by people, and become misguided. There is no city or village where he has not gone. He, such a temptation, sucks the faith of people. This is why he is the biggest test of all time. Now he will come here tomorrow and will go towards the holy house. At this time holding on to faith is like holding a burning wood in your hand. Human needs have come down to basic needs. As we have no food or water we have to keep our patience at the highest extent. May God bless us."

 The old person advised us to stay here until the temptation will go from here. we become agreed.

  At the next day the evil has come. We look out the window with its gap. He is standing away. He has a huge body with long very much curly hair. His legs are bent like bows. His one eye is closed, most probably it is of no use and his other eye is also deformed and there are wrinkles on his face. Such a terrible look he has. He is going every lane and corridor. There are some villagers in front of him. He says with his cracked but loud voice, "What do you want? I will give you everything, you will not die of hunger, your economy will go up, if you accept me as God."

He gestures with his finger and it starts to rain. Some of the villagers consider him God. Then he again gestures with his finger and jewels like gold and diamonds begin to come out of the ground. Almost every one of the villagers in front of him considers him God. He brings back dead relatives of villagers, someone's parents or someone's offspring, with his gesturing finger. The rest also do that. What a deception! The repentance of those people who lose their faith, will never be accepted. How they can do that? The earth, the sky and everything in it belong to God. Who will stay in this world? None except God, the First and the Last. After that the deceiver sucking the faith has gone. He has left a force here to control his new followers and to tyrannize others who have not accepted him. 

  We decide to attack the force at night to save the believers who are still fighting against the temptation in their minds.

 It is night now. We are going unnoticed. I am the weakest in our group. I ask sir, "Can we win?". Sir says, "Don't be afraid of them, fear God. It is not always big or strong who wins but only God decides who will be victorious. Remember one thing, God does not burden the believers beyond their capacity. So don't stop, don't get tired." We have reached in front of the camp of the satanic forces. They notice us and rush to kill us. Fight begins. They are eight to nine times more than us but our swords also run like knives on butter. Two or three escape. We are victorious. We take their food as winning content and decide to take some part and donate the rest to the believers of this village. After all of these, we begin our journey in the morning. 

  We are walking. We have both food and faith. Besides we have gained more confidence to eradicate the temptation. I don’t understand when our path has changed from dry land to a sandy rock land. Who are they away in front of us? Again, they are the satan's army. They are ten times more than us. The two or three fugitives seem to have informed about us. We staring at each other smile and jump on them to send them hell. It is over. Here too we win. At this moment, things have changed. The army appears suddenly and we have ropes tied in our hand and our swords are lying in front of us. They are all around us. Alas! We were in delusion.

Our faith may become weakened. The chief of the satan's army orders to behead us with our swords. I pray in my heart, "oh God forgive us. We may not be able to fulfill that duty." I will be the first to be beheaded. I close my eyes. Suddenly I hear the sound of falling. I open my eyes and see the executioner lying dead on the ground beside me. We look at the sky, flocks of birds carrying stones throw on the forces. They are becoming scattered and die. We take advantage of this opportunity and cut our ropes with our swords. At this time we see a hole in the ground and it is fully dark. We understand this is a connection passage and start jumping into it one by one. I am at the last and see the chief rushing towards us. I jump into it after beheading him. We arrive at a palace whose few places are almost broken but has a intact white minaret. This palace is made of white large stones. It seems like remnants of war. The rooms of it are large and has high roof and large entrance without any door fitted in it. It is afternoon now. There are some people hidden in a room of the palace and they are praying for protection to God. We see murderers taking positions stand to kill the people and also some have positioned in such a way that there is something in the white minaret. The murderers have not seen us. We kill one of them and the rest all come together to fight. We send them to hell fire. The people come outside the room at the corridor to see what happened. Suddenly, Pintu says, "See that!" We look at there in the sky and stay astonished. 

What an amazing scene this is! A man puts his hand on the shoulder of the two angels and lands near the minaret. We go closer to him. No doubt he is the holy person. He has dressed in saffron robes. He has long shoulder-length hair. He lowers his head and we see it is like moisture on his hair. When he lifts it, beads roll down his head like pearl and they scatter. He smiles and says,"peace be upon you." Then he staring at us says, "Go to the holy place. I will go there by God's grace." Suddenly a passage, dark hole, appears on the wall and we go into it. We arrive at the holy place. We roam the place to look for the holy house.

 Now it is night and we have got the house. We enter the house and see the believers sitting round one person. The person must be the head of the world chosen by God. He has dressed a thobe and He has a very bright face as if light scatters from his face. Our heart is filled with coolness by seeing him just like the meeting with the holy person. They are discussing and thinking what to do. He says, "We cannot sit here forever. Let's get out and meet them face to face." They take decision that they will open the door of this holy place tomorrow and it will be face to face. We join them. They ask about us and we say that we are believers and we are here in the will of God. 

 Dawn comes. We are starting to pray under the leadership of the head. At this time it becomes dark all around, even we cannot see our hand. Again when it gets normal, we see the holy person amidst us. When everyone is in a problem, see how God solves this. We just need to be more patient. There are smiles of relief on all of our faces. The head is going to give him leadership of the prayer but the holy person puts hand on his shoulder and says, "God has chosen you as head. You do it." Then we all including the holy person pray behind the head. How amazing we feel! 

 After prayer, the holy person calls us to hand over the royal sword and we give him. Then we all go together to the main gate of the holy place and the door is opened. The deceiver with is at the other end of the entrance with his team of satan. The holy person and the deceiver both are staring at each other. It seems like the deceiver will melt like ice in salty water. He escapes from here and the holy person starts to chase. His army run away. If he hides behind any tree or stone, the tree or stone say that the deceiver is behind it. He cannot hide. At last the holy person catches the deceiver and pierces the deceiver's heart with his sword. Then he raises his sword to the sky and says, "The temptation is terminated by the grace of God." There is the blood on the sword. Then the body of deceiver is thrown into a well.

The next day is a sunny day. There is joy in the air. All troubles are gone with all its pains. We all take lunch together. We ask the holy person about the two men who died in the tropical rain forest. He says, "They were men of the deceiver, they are in mission to steal the royal sword along with your seven swords. They fell into their own dug holes. The royal sword is sacred and the seven are special." Then we ask about our madams who may remain uneaten at the late old man's house. He says, "Every believer has got food today at their home from God. We together are happy and thankful to God. May God bless us."

In the afternoon we reach in front of our car. It would be God's love that it is in this holy place near us. We see our madams are in the car and greet them and enter in it. They all say goodbye together to us. The last ray of the sun of this day is coming and making everything enchanted. The head prays to get back our right place. We see a red crack appears in the air in front of our car and becomes a big red semicircle. Sir drives the car into it and we reach on the way of our trip. I see my mobile, it is the same day and sees a cut mark of war on my hand.

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