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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

So Hyeon Mi

Tragedy Thriller


So Hyeon Mi

Tragedy Thriller

Inter-planet War – Season 1

Inter-planet War – Season 1

17 mins 194 17 mins 194

Chapter 1: The starting of the resurrectionIt was such a heart-breaking scene. My best friend cried so hard. It was so excruciating for me to make her hold back her tears. I knew she felt sore, and extremely off-beat, but I had to cheer her up. She couldn’t be like this. It made me feel like I was a bad friend.

I dragged her to the nearest shop. It was her favourite. She and her dad used to go there often. I knew it wasn’t a good option, because it would tear her apart by reminding her of her deceased dad, but she insisted on staying.

We ordered fries and some soda. I didn’t expect her to eat anything, so this was quite a lot. She didn’t touch the fries. Nor did I.

“I know I can’t even imagine what you’re going through right now. But you know that I’m always here to listen. This is one of the most difficult things you can experience, but don’t worry, I’m here for you. How about I come stay with you for a few days?”

She remained silent. I was feeling a bit better, because she stopped crying and sobbing. “Do you mind if I stay silent for a bit?” she slowly asked.

“No I don’t. If you need someone to share the silence, or talk to, or just need someone to lend a shoulder, I’m here. Do as you wish, as long as you’re feeling better.”

We sat silently for a while. I took a few fries and stuffed them into my mouth. I didn’t eat anything since morning. I took a few pieces, and gave it to her. She pushed it away. I gave her again, and asked her to take it. A tear ran down her eye, and she hesitated again.

“C’mon, it makes me feel so bad if you’re going to starve like this. Your dad would definitely not like it if his rock-star cried and refused to eat! You’ve been starving for the past few days, I can’t handle this anymore! I feel guilty if I take my meals, while you starve! Please eat!!”

Through the tears, I could see her little smile. She was feeling better. My phone broke the silence by ringing as loud as an elephant. It was the hospital. Since her dad was poisoned, they said the autopsy reports would take some extra time. I thought they were out and picked up the phone.

The news I heard almost made me faint. Her dad came back alive. He died from poisoning. Yet here he was, alive and all well. No one would believe this. But something inside me, told me that I ought to…

Chapter 2: People are coming back…fast…I cut the call, and asked for some water. As soon as it came, I poured it on my face and freshened myself. Then I dragged Riya, and ran towards the hospital. She was too upset to think about where we were going. But I didn’t have time or energy to explain to her.

At the front of the hospital, her dad stood, looking completely normal. Only thing abnormal was his clothes. The hospital gown was a bit too loose for him. I asked Riya to look there. She looked up. Seeing her father standing there, and being fully alright, she stuttered “I-I-Is that m-m-my dad?? Is it really him? How…did he…?”

Her words slowly faded off, as she slowly walked towards her dad. Her steps slowly speeded, and she ended up running to him. “Dad!” she kept saying that word.

Her dad, seeing Riya run up to him, opened his arms to give her a huge hug. She ran into his arms, and they embraced for a bit.

“Are you alright dad? I was so scared! I was so upset that you abandoned me! How did this happen? I don’t understand, but I’m happy you’re back dad! I love you! I’ll do as you say! I will study hard! I will get good grades, and do everything that pleases you. I’m very happy you’re back!”

While they were talking, I went with the doctor to inquire what happened.

“I don’t know what happened. He WAS dead. I checked his temperature, his pulse, EVERYTHING. It was sure that he died. But somehow he regained life. We’ve interrogated him, but he doesn’t remember what happened when he was dead. He remembers everything which happened before he died. No one knows what happened. He suddenly came back alive. There have been a few such cases rising recently. About 5-6 from our hospital have regained life. There is no exact cause for this. Scientists have been seeing to this, and we doctors are doing our best.”

I was confused, and offered my help to the doctor. He said he’d ask me if he needed help. I inquired about Riya’s dad’s health. “He’s completely alright. It’s as if he never took poison at all. He can be discharged today. Please take care of the procedures.”

I thanked him and went to the reception. I took care of the discharging procedures, and we took him home. Riya asked me to stay overnight, because she felt this was all a dream. If she woke up to see her dad disappeared, she couldn’t bear it alone. So I accepted to stay with her. She slept with her dad, while I slept in the guest room.

Chapter 3: The situation gets clear I couldn’t sleep all night. I kept wondering what happened. Since my mind was disturbed, I decided to take a small walk outside. I knew it was dangerous for a girl to take a walk so late into the night, but I wanted to so badly.

I took out my coat, and an umbrella. According to the weather telecast, it was supposed to rain that day. Of course, I didn’t forget my watch, because I needed to keep track of time! I locked the front door, and started walking towards the main road. It was pretty into the night, so I knew the streets would be empty. I felt relieved I took my coat, because it was a cold night.

By the time I reached the main road, I realised I forgot my phone. Oh god…I remembered my watch, but forgot my phone…I couldn’t wander around the streets in the middle of the night, without a phone. If Riya found me missing, she’d freak out. So I turned around to go back.

Honk, honk!!

There was a honking sound. I turned to see there was a car, speeding on the main road. I ran towards the platform. The car couldn’t stop speeding, and ended up crashing with force on the lamp post, on the opposite platform.

“Oh my god, are you alright?! I have to call the ambulance! Oh my god, oh my god!!”

I rushed over to the car, from which smoke was coming out very fast. I hoped very dearly that he was alive. The smoke was hard to breathe through, and I was afraid the car might catch a fire. I somehow managed to break open the door. I knew it wasn’t right to break open the door, but c’mon! He was on the verge of dying, and his car is ALREADY A MESS. ‘Insurance would take care of it…’ I told myself. But as soon as I broke open the door, I saw something like a blue ray of light shining on the car. It was pretty dim. “Must be the lamp post” I whispered aloud, and pulled him out of the car.

He was bleeding heavily, and was unconscious. His head was hurt, and there was blood everywhere. I successfully dragged him out, and away from the car, and searched his pockets. They were empty. I tried looking inside the car, and under the brakes, a phone was stuck. I managed to pick it up, only to realise it was broken.

By the time this happened, it was about 2AM. I didn’t have a phone to call the ambulance, so I decided to try everything I could. But the bleeding wouldn’t stop. His coat, which was supposed to be white, was red with blood.

“Oh god, I need to get help…”

I removed my coat, folded it and made a tiny pillow out of it. I placed it on the platform and made him lie on it. I got up and ran towards home.

Riya and her dad were still asleep. I opened the door as silently and fast as I could, and grabbed a water bottle kept at the dining table. I was happy I filled it beforehand. I ran towards my bedroom, and snatched my phone from the charger holding it back on the bedside table. I rushed back to the place where he was supposed to be lying.

But…he wasn’t lying down. He was SITTING UPRIGHT, and wiping the blood off of his face. “Ugh, it’s so sticky” I heard him say. “Oh, it’s you! I’m alright now, so don’t call the ambulance if you haven’t called them yet. The bleeding has stopped. The only problem is that I don’t know what to do with my car now…I have insurance but still, it’ll take a lot of effort to get rid of this mess…”

I was shocked to the core…he was injured so badly when I left him, but now he’s completely alright! I checked his pulse. IT WAS NORMAL.

“HAHAHA, stop being upset lady! I am a doctor myself. I was going home when I received an emergency call about a meeting, so I was rushing back to the hospital I work at. After cutting the call, I accidently dropped my phone, which ended up blocking the brakes. I’m so sorry for making you scared! Oh, please don’t be afraid! Let me explain! We doctors don’t know the reason either, but everyone’s coming back alive! Everyone who died is returning back to life! And no one is dying! Something happened around here!”

It wasn’t something to get shocked over. I was hearing it for the second time in a day. “Yes sir, I’ve heard it from the doctor who treated my friend’s father. He died and came back alive today. It was a big shock…but not anymore…something’s happening. We have to find out what. Do you mind if I ask a few questions?” I asked him.

“I don’t mind…uh, Miss…?”


“Miss Shwetha, yes, I don’t mind you asking questions. But I’m REALLY in a rush right now, so I have to go! But I surely wouldn’t mind if you join me to go to the meeting! We are going to discuss about this situation most probably. You can express your views too; you seem like a well-educated woman.”

I nodded. Since he was in a rush, we had to run all the way to the hospital he worked at. I was breathing SOOO heavily when we arrived, just to realise it was the hospital where my friend – Aadarsh – worked at.

“Oh, you work at this hospital sir?” I asked him.

His smile told me everything. I walked in with him, into the meeting room. Everyone was seated. It looked like they were waiting for him.

“Oh yes, he is finally here. Let’s get started. Mr.Aadarsh, please state your points on this situation. You said you might’ve found a lead. Go ahead.”

Chapter 4: The meeting:Aadarsh stole a glance at me, and went to the front of the room, and started talking.

“I’m sure u all have heard of the imaginary experiment conducted by Schrodinger. The experiment regarding Schrodinger’s cat. Schrödinger stated that if you place a cat and something that could kill the cat (a radioactive atom) in a box and sealed it, you would not know if the cat was dead or alive until you opened the box, so that until the box was opened, the cat was (in a sense) both "dead and alive". This is used to represent how scientific theory works. No one knows if any scientific theory is right or wrong until said theory can be tested and proved. Radioactivity is a quantum process, so before the box is opened, the story goes, the atom has both decayed and not decayed, leaving the unfortunate cat in limbo—a so-called superposition between life and death.”

A doctor seated among them interrupted Aadarsh.

“Ok, Aadarsh, we all know about that experiment. What are you trying to say depending on this experiment?”

He smiled and continued.

“I am trying to say that maybe we misunderstood science with miracles or magic. If a person could be both dead and alive according to this theory, then the people who came alive could also have been in the same situation. They could’ve been dead, but they were also alive! But we concluded them dead. So, I’m trying to say…”

“Your theory is wrong Aadarsh.”

This is where I stuck my oar in. “If, as you say, according to that theory, the people who came back alive were assumed dead, does that mean EVERYONE in this world was assumed that way? Everyone’s coming back alive. And their wounds, which were once there, have healed. For example, this doctor over here got into a car accident RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES. And I saw him bleed heavily, and he had a big wound on his head. Look at him now. Except for the blood plastered across his coat, is there ANY evidence he even got into an accident? People would think that he HELPED someone in danger, and that’s how he ended up with so much blood. There must be something else to this situation. It’s definitely not the same case as Schrödinger’s cat. I’m sure of that.”

The whole room went silent after I said that. I assumed everyone was thinking.

A woman standing near the door, wearing a nurse’s uniform spoke up to break the silence.

“Was there anything weirdly common about the people who came back alive? That might lead us to form a track!”

That’s when the blue ray struck me.

“Doctors, when the patients who died came back to life, did the person or doctor next to them see any ray of blue light? Like, a pretty dim blue light? It is similar to the light from electronic devices…”

The doctor who interrupted Aadarsh before raised his hand.

“I did, I saw a bluish light. I was operating on a patient. But I wasn’t able to save him. When everyone had gone out, I was a bit upset of not saving him, and stayed in for a bit, cleaning the stuff inside, and asked the nurses to leave. That was when I saw that light. At first, I thought I was mistaken. But now that I think of it, I think that it might be something fishy…”

Chapter 5: Something unexplainable…even more unexplainable than current happenings:" I have a plan to figure out the matter. We know that no one is dying. So, it mustn’t be THAT hard. I am going to try to kill myself. If I die, then the ray of light would come. Film it. Film me killing myself, and that ray showing. Let’s see if there is anything different there…”

According to the plan, I took out a knife. All others took out their phones and started to film it. To be honest, this felt a bit weird, so I suggested that only ONE of them filmed it. I moved to a small room in the hospital. Aadarsh volunteered to film it. I guess he really wanted to see me die.

“Should I cut my wrist, my neck, or just stab myself in the stomach?” I asked him.

“You better stab yourself, since it’s the safest way. What if that light only cures wounds but doesn’t attach your cut off parts?”

He started laughing after he said that. It wasn’t the time to joke, but I didn’t scold him. I decided to cut my wrist because I didn’t want to risk my head, and also I have never been stabbed before, but have heard that it hurts a lot. Being someone afraid of facing pain, I cut off my wrist.

I screamed so loud. But no one popped inside the room. Aadarsh kept filming me. The blood kept seeping out of my wrist. It hurt, but I endured it. Things around me kept blurring out of sight, and I was losing my balance. I fell down on the floor, and slowly collapsed.

Chapter 6: The last chapter (unnamed)I woke up. But, everything was dull. That is, if we click Win + Shift + S, then the whole screen would turn into a dull page, until u drag the place you want to screenshot. Here, there was no dragging involved though. It was very dull, and my eyes strained to see what’s around me.

Only after realising all this, did I realise I was lying down, and wasn’t able to move. I tried moving, but I was stuck. I couldn’t move an inch. I felt as if my whole body was paralyzed.

Then, a very bright light shone on me. It was bluish in colour. “It was dull for me when I was alive, but now that I am dead, it is much brighter.” I thought to myself. As the light shone, a woman showed up in front of me.

She looked really GEORGEOUS, with her hair curled perfectly around its edges. The clothes she wore suited her perfectly, as if they were made especially for her. She had both her hands behind her. I guessed she was holding something. She smiled at me.

“You seem really curious. I like the way you killed yourself to sort out this problem. You seem like an interesting person. I really like you. I’ll give you two choices. One: You either regain your life, and get rid of all our wounds and health problems, and also ensure you never get sick again. But you will forget everything about me. Two: you regain life, but none of your wounds or health problems is solved. You will have your life, but nothing will change. In this case, you will remember about me, and everything I said to you. Since you cut your wrist, if you choose option two, then unless you treat your wrist properly, you’ll die again. I won’t give you another chance to remember me. Choose wisely.”

As she finished, I realised she was a devil dressed as an angel. I had to bring out all the information about her, and then choose option two. As soon as I regain life, I should ask Aadarsh to treat my wound, so I wouldn’t die again. That was my plan.

“I need to know why you are not allowing people to die. Who are you? How can you give life to people who are already dead? Where are you from? I want to know the answer for these questions. After that, I will choose one of the options you offered.”

It was then that I realised that everyone smiles a lot. I guess it makes them either happy or look pretty. I couldn’t tell for which reason she smiled right now.

“I can’t claim myself as an ‘alien’ as you humans call the people from a different planet. According to us, YOU all are the aliens. I am from a planet called ‘Caleuche’. It is pretty far from here. Farther than you could ever imagine. One of our sailors found a gateway from our planet to yours. We researched about your planet, and have found out that we both have equal amount of power. Humans are selfish and would try to conquer us. If humans found out about us, a war would break out. Many people from my planet could die. To save my people, a group of our best warriors have come here and made sure no one died. If more and more people were occupying this planet, then the lack of resources would kill you all automatically. Then it would be easier for us to take over this planet!”

Oh my god…they were planning something as dreadful as this, and it is a long term plan, which was bound to succeed if I didn’t have my memory. So I decided to go with option 2 as planned.

“I wish for option 2.”

“I hope you won’t regret your decision. I won’t give you another choice.”

As soon as she said that, I woke up back alive. Aadarsh stopped recording and asked me if I was alright. I asked him to treat my wrist as fast as he could. He asked the other doctors to come in, and they treated me. It wasn’t very deep, but a lot of blood loss had occurred, since I didn’t try to stop blood from seeping out.

They treated me for about an hour. One of the doctors gave me her blood. I must’ve fallen asleep without realising it. I woke up about a day later.

I couldn’t stand the anxiety of the happenings that I told everything that happened to everyone. They seemed shocked.

“If they plan on doing this, even if we know about all this, it is of no use. We can’t stop them. A war would surely break out. But, if we somehow find that gateway she talked about, then there is a chance of starting the war before they try to kill all humans. There is just a small glimpse of hope. We must grasp it…”

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