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Yashvi Sanghvi



Yashvi Sanghvi


Inspiring Story of My Life

Inspiring Story of My Life

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I was born in a Jain family and hence my day began with visiting temple and with each passing day, my faith in God increased. I was the first child in the family and being a girl, I was welcomed in the family with mixed feelings. Like a typical Indian family, some of the family members were expecting boy as the first grand child, on the other hand there were others who considered girl as “Lakshmi” – the goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity. However, my parents were thrilled since they always wanted to have a girl child. During early part of my life, we lived in a joint family and that taught me the importance of sharing and caring.

My mother was from a different community but she quickly learnt gujarati language and also started following Jain religion. While she found it that everything around her changed, she readily accepted it. This taught me that we must learn to adjust to the new environment and happiness would then follow automatically.

During my initial school days, I was weak in hindi and Marathi languages. My mother made me study hard to overcome this weakness. She would spend hours and hours making me understand these subjects. In fact, when she would be busy in her household chores, she would call my maternal grandmother who would then tell stories to me on phone. Each of her story would be followed by a moral and that’s how I started liking / developing interest in these languages.

At times, I would feel lonely at home and would wonder how the life would have been with siblings. The vaccum in my life was filled with the arrival of my cute little sister Peehu four years ago. Life was full of joy and happiness for me. At times, I would get stressed out with studies and my little sister would act as my stress buster. After playing with her for some time, I would again be full of energy. I like to spend more and more time with my sister who is my best friend also. Whenever I feel low, I play with her and get refreshed. I forget my tension and worries. Her innocent eyes and charming face would make me feel at the top of the world. I consider myself to be fortunate in the present world to have a sibling since it makes a complete family.

I have been consistent topper in my school. I owe this success to my mother. While she herself is professionally qualified and was working before her marriage, she gave up her job since she believed that upbringing of child cannot be outsourced. She would spend hours together to explain me various chapters, concepts and would also set up question papers for me to practice. I have seen her stretching till midnight working on setting question papers for me so that I am able to solve the toughest exam papers. She would continue doing this even if she is unwell and wouldn’t take rest at all. Because of her untiring efforts, I have had an excellent academic career without any tuitions. This taught me the spirit of selflessness.

I also see my mother never taking rest. She wakes up early in the morning, makes tiffin for me, my sister and my father. Makes us ready and then focusses on other household chores when we are at school. She would also prepare for the studies so that I find it easy to understand new chapters/concepts. I see her working every day without any break but she never complains even when she is unwell. This has taught me how to live life for others.

My father is doing well in his job but has a very hectic schedule during weekdays. He already had three degrees before he started his work but was still pursuing a fourth degree. When I was young, I would not allow him to study at home and hence he would go to library on weekends to study. Eventually, he obtained his fourth degree. This taught me that if you are determined to do something, nothing is impossible how daunting the task may look like.

When I was in Grade IV, I was selected for the group dance competition for Annual Day. But after some days of practice my class teacher requested the girls if one among us could volunteer to perform as a boy since one of the boy had fallen sick. Since nobody was ready for the same, my teacher requested me and she said that she was confident that I would never refuse her. Although I accepted but it wasn’t easy. Every time I had to stand with boys and do their steps. My class mates started making fun of me. I was extremely sad and narrated this to my parents. I requested my teacher to permit me to withdraw from the competition but my class teacher explained to me the importance of not giving up in adverse situations. I learned from her not to bend my head infront of anybody and face the world with courage. My dance was appreciated in front of the entire class which boosted my morale.

I still remember one event of Grade V. I went to school quite early that day. I was very excited and tensed at the same time, as the names of the students selected for dance performance in our school’s annual day celebrations were to be announced. Till Grade IV, I was selected every year but that year the choreographer was new and strict. Unfortunately, I wasn’t selected and was highly disappointed . But, there came another opportunity – my class teacher announced that for the first time in school’s history, a student would co host the annual day function with a teacher and I was the fortunate one. My joy had no boundaries and I felt on top of the world. This taught me that we should not be disappointed if we don’t get something, because God has something better in store for us.

I always wanted to be in my present school. However, owing to age cut off limits, I couldn’t find admission into my present school during nursery. My wish got fulfilled only last year, when I managed to get admission in Grade VI in my present school. My sister also got admission in Nursery in my present school and it was wonderful feeling for both of us to go to school together everyday.

I was class topper in my previous school. I was very nervous for the first few days into my new school with all the thoughts coming to my mind – whether I would continue to perform well academically here also ? whether I would be accepted by students and teachers in the same manner as my previous school etc. When the results of first term were out, I was declared as grade topper. I have had my fair share of bad experiences with fellow class mates, some of them tried to bully me, some mentioned to me that I am their biggest enemy etc. However, I could still manage to get couple of good friends who always stood by my side in such situations. All my teachers were extremely supportive of me and all this helped me in overcoming my fears of new school. Eventually, I was accepted by my classmates as being one amongst them. This taught me the importance of patience and perseverance.

I am fortunate to have extremely good teachers. They have always encouraged and motivated me to progress not only in studies but even in extra-curricular activities. They have been source of my inspiration. They selflessly work towards the upbringing and development of their students. I respect teachers spending their entire life in shaping student’s future. Teaching is a noble profession and so I dream of becoming a teacher one day.

Once, our maid was extremely sad. When my mother asked her the reason, she narrated that she had put her daughter in an English medium school and she had been asked to make a project in her school. Since she herself and her husband had both got there education in Marathi medium school, they were unable to help their daughter in any manner. As I was in higher grade as compared to her daughter, I helped her in completing the project. My maid was extremely thankful for my gesture and tears fell from her eyes. I felt extremely happy on being able to help a needy person and make use of my education.

I am highly inspired by Helen Keller's life story and the work she has left behind. She is the epitome of how a person can make the impossible possible and inspire generations to look up to her as a role model. She was the the first deaf blind person to earn a bachelors degree and was ranked as one of the most influential person of twentieth century. I have learned a lot from her and tried to incorporate her qualities of determination, perseverance, optimism, courage and confidence. Her life story has taught me that we should not see our limitations as an excuse not to pursue our dreams.

I always believe in giving back to society and work towards upliftment of the underprivileged. Every year, our school invites financial contribution on behalf of the Non-government organisation for the education of the poor children. For last few years, I have made it a point to donate my entire piggyback collection for this initiative. I feel very happy that I am able to contribute for the betterment of poor children.

My parents have named me Yashvi which means successful. Success for me is not marks or percentage. It is enjoying the process and making a difference. Success is togetherness, being connected with friends and family and giving back to society. To be kind and helpful to less fortunate. Success is being strong and being able to face life with confidence and courage. 

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