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Inner Voice

Inner Voice

2 mins

That night I couldn't sleep because I did miserable mistakes in past days.

When I get on my bed I was rolling all over my bed.

It was around 3 and I had decently and vomiting.

Suddenly in washroom voice was started whispering within me.

That voice stunned me. That was my 

Inner voice.

He said you know who you are?

You are a pinch of salt. And in that pinch, you are one dust of salt.

So be in your limit.

Don't cross your limits

Why mass and make a fuss out of your own to your own people.

Just take a look. You can't 

Control your own self.

Just obey what your family says 

Don't rush on them.

Did I ask my self?

Is it true?

An inner voice said you argue with everyone and don't listen.

Don't use your mind to be a follower of the family they are good wishers and you can go against your will. They will not.

They are experienced.

Let them do there karmas and let them control you.

Because finally, you are not who controls the controller of every life is the supreme power.

And in this world, no one likes that one person who is like dust 

Is making life hell like and mess 

Of own mind.

So just chill relax obey and follow 

Good people and they are your families.

My inner voice faded.

I realized that I am nothing but a puppet of God who controls every damn thing.

I was newme in and out.

My ego smashed by the voice within me.

I learned a lesson of my life.

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