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Shraddha Pandey



Shraddha Pandey


I Don't Want Long Hairs

I Don't Want Long Hairs

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She walked out of her house. It was a day of sharp sunlight. Without slippers in her legs, she ran away from her house and started looking for a barber. She didn't have enough money to go to the parlor.

After walking 3 km, she saw a barber cutting a man's hair. She rushed there and started pleading, "please cut my hair".

Barber said- yes, mam I will cut your hair. Why are you crying!!

Without saying anything, she suddenly sat on the chair and repeated the same sentence," please cut my hair"...

Barber moved to her chair and started cutting her hair. She had very long and beautiful hair. He was hesitating while cutting her hair. He asked her twice "are you sure, you want to cut your hairs"?

She shouted- Can't you get it?

Don't ask questions, just cut my hair.

After chopping 2 inches off her hair, he stopped and asked her, is this length fine?

Or shall I chop more?

She said, cut it all!!

He was shocked, then again he chopped 4 inches more and said, "mam- it's done."

She looked into the mirror and said- try to catch my hair, can you catch it?

He said- what are you saying mam, how can I catch it this way?

She started crying and said- chop it till the length no one can hold my hair.

And she burst into tears

Her tears were speaking about the domestic violence that she was going through!

Her husband used to beat her by pulling her hairs that's why she came to cut her hairs off!

When someone isn’t treating you right, no matter how much you love them, you’ve got to love yourself more and walk away.

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