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I Am Not A Virgin

I Am Not A Virgin

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Don't ask about my chastity,

Don't ask about my character, 

Don't enquire about my so undesirable etiquette? 

She solemnly told me, 

Looking deep into my profound eyes.

Gobsmacked I became to her candid confession. 

'Are you thinking to leave me, 

Are you thinking I am libidinous 

And I don't deserve you?'

She voiced.

How can I accept someone who is immoral? I affirmed.

'Before leaving me, before taking any ruthless decision,

Don't you want the reason for the loss of my virginity?'

She responded and smiled at my helplessness.

Sullen became my face 

And livid became my anger. 

As I started to mope on the lonely road,

She grabbed me to declare that it was me

Whom she had allowed in her dreams to touch her every corner

With lush lips to give her the ecstasy of love

Through injection of sweet pain making her lose the damn virginity.

'Yes, I am not a virgin, I am not a virgin',

She whispered in her mellow voice.

In relief, I embosomed her 

And asked

'Can I slurp honey from your lips and take your virginity?'

Elbowing me, she blushed as if it was our first tryst.  

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