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Anukriti Soni


Hometown did the magic !

Hometown did the magic !

5 mins

"Sudarshan colony," I said the taxi driver giving him a 20 rupee note.

He returned a 10 rupee note to me.

Seven years have been passed since I left the place, still, it feels as if nothing has been changed, even the taxi fares are the same.

I supported my head with the window of the taxi,

I didn't want to come here. It all seems as if I am scratching my own wounds. I don't know how troublesome this trip is going to be.

As soon as I reached my home, I touched the feet of my dad and my dadi. I wanted to repeat the same gesture with my mom, but she was nowhere to be seen. I lived in a joint family and all of them were standing on the door of our huge havali to welcome me except my mom.

My cousin took my bag and I stepped in with all the good and bad memories of the past. I went to my room, fresh my self and then some tea with my family. My mom was still nowhere to be seen,

"Where's a mom?"I asked my aunt,

"She is in her room taking a nap, actually she was waiting for you and she couldn't sleep at night" My aunt replied,

"It's ok, I know she doesn't want to meet me," I said

"No, no, She wanted to come, but I told her to stay and take some rest," My aunt said,

"Hmm..." I said knowing she won't come.

I and my mom were super close to each other, we were like best friends, but we had a fight just a day before I was about to leave for the U.S. and then she didn't even come to see off me. at the airport. After that, I didn't come to India for seven years, although I was talking to everyone on a daily basis, except for mom. Maybe she is still upset with me. I came to India because my family insisted on getting married. They said that the guy they are looking for me lives in the U.S. too and is a native of our city. He is in India to spend some time with his family and wants to meet me here only, I didn't get the point of meeting here, we could have met in the U.S. also when he returns, but I came for my family. I was least interested in the guy, I decided to clearly say a no to him after the meeting.

Getting ready to meet the guy, I so wanted to show my mom how I was looking. For all those years when I used to live here, I used to show my mom after getting ready for anywhere, I would raise my head in question and she would gesture in a-OK. Just then I was about to leave I saw my mom's face in the mirror, she was looking at me while I was getting ready.

She was the same lady, I used to hug and tell all about my day, but today I was feeling a lack of words. After an awkward silence between us, she finally said,

"So you are going to meet him? I hope you will like him" mom said slowly.

I smiled in response, and went to see the guy,

As I reached the decided cafe, I saw a table with my name and a reserved tag on it. It was the same cafe where I used to hang out with my friends after school, this city is so full of memories. I felt a warmth in the air,

"Anukriti" I heard my name and turned to see a tall guy standing in front of me,

"Hii !!!" I spelled n surprise and excitement, he was my school friend and my first crush, I was not in contact with him after school. He still looks so ravishingly handsome.

"Shall we sit?" He said,

What? It means he is the one my family has selected for me.

"So all good? What are you doing in the U.S.?" he asked, we talked for about an hour, mostly about the past and somewhat about the present, but none about the future.

"Can I ask you a question?" I said at last,

"yea sure. You always used to be the question mark in school." he said laughing.

"Yeah whatever," I said rolling my eyes,

"OK fine ask.."

"So I was asking we could have met in the U.S. also, why you called me here?" I asked.

"Umm, You are still smart to ask this question," He said and I blow my eyes in proud,

"Still not that smarter to understand why I wanted you to come here" he added and I rolled my eyes but couldn't hide my laughter.

"Your mom...She loves you so much and misses you a lot. I met your family, when I came last year here and was in constant contact with them, they all are great people, I like them equally as I like my own family. I talked to your mom and she told me about you and her her stuff. Then I get to know that you are not in contact with her for the past seven-year. " He said.

He moved his hand towards me and made a question kind of gesture, I understood he was asking to hold my hand, I moved my hand towards him, He held my hand.

"I know you love her a lot, and she loves you too, please patch up with her" He added.

Soon we left the place, I spent the entire day with him visiting all the known places, I felt as if this city has some magic the air was filling me up with memories.

I reached home when my mom was placing dinner for everyone on the table. I quickly ran and hugged her from back, tears rolled down my cheeks from hers also. No words were needed now, I love you, mom. I said in my breath. The hometown has done its magic.

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