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Anukriti Soni


(Part 1) Its A Perfect Mismatch

(Part 1) Its A Perfect Mismatch

7 mins

Character Introduction - 

1. Meet Ugene Romani,

A high class, well maintained, the only son and future hire of "The Romani's". Every other lady of their country wanted to be his spouse, the reason being clear, his remarkably handsome features and refined body and his extremely large wealth. He is supposed to be taking the masculine roles like his ancestors and help the family raise their business, later marry an elegant girl who could be the display page of their family. Ugene was gay. Though there were clear signs, Ugene is unaware, unwilling and unwanted to accept the reality.

2. Meet Alexa Lombardy,

A perfect pampered brat and only daughter of "The Lombardy's", another big name in the list of the biggest businessmen with a legacy in conservative Europe, but a tomboy and modern woman from inside who wants to become independent, find love, explore the universe and what not. She is the pampered brat, but behind all this family pamper, the fact hides that her family wants her to bow down to their decisions. She is supposed to be the feminine one, marry a rich guy and bring honour to her family which obviously is not the prime goal of Alexa's life. Their orthodox families decided that they make a perfect match. But sadly matches burn.

3. Ray 

A simple average Joe. He is the singer and lead guitarist at the Xlent club. He is a handsome man with a decent income, living independently with no legacy just hard work. He can be seen as the heartthrob honey from many teenage woman's point of view, but he is among those people who are ready to step upon others for his careers, makes sense for him as he had always seen poorness in his family and knows the value of money. He is never ready to accept his selfish behaviour.

3. Archie Martin 

A French guy. Probably the only character in the story who is well aware of his dreams, desires and realities. He never tries to hide or run away from the truth and is really hardworking and friendly. Sadly Archie is not shown much in the story.

4. Mr and Mrs Romani 

Parents of Ugene. Typical, orthodox Europeans who don't want to accept anything new, just want to follow the legacy. They are mainly interested in the IMAGE of their family. Extremely wealthy and powerful personalities of the high society.

5. Mr and Mrs Lombardy

Parents of Alexa. They do share the same characteristics and interests as Romani's. The only added feature is that they are even more pretentious and fake than the Romani's.

6. Other characters

Others characters like John, Sophia, Melissa etc. are present but with smaller roles.


Alexa 's P.O.V.

I came to my room all panting heavily, I almost ran as fast as I could after reaching home from the club. All I knew was that I just needed to reach my room. I just wanted my personal space to process the fact that, yes! yes, he proposed to me. After so many meetings, finally, Ray proposed to me.

Ray and I met at the Xlent club. I never paid attention to him, until my friends started taking note that he gives so many smiles to me all the time. Many a time he came to our table and also asked any special song request that we would like to make. He quickly understood my taste in music and started to play all my favourite songs. Finally, today, when he came to our table he asked me to meet him after his performance. I was so afraid, although I knew he likes me but what if he wanted to say something else. All my friends started giving me those glances and smiles.

When I met him outside the bar, he said, "I knew from the very first day I saw you, that we have some connection that's in stars. You are way beautiful than my imagination, and you have this amazing taste in music, that always inspires me to play tunes. I love you, I love you, Alexa. Will you be my girlfriend?"

A gulp hung in my throat and then after a second of numbness, I said yes, without even thinking. Needless to say, he is my first boyfriend. It's not like that, that nobody has ever proposed to me. Many guys did but no one was as attractive as Ray. You know what attracts me the most about him, his passion towards music, his choice of independent life, and his daring attitude to love without looking at the status.

Just as I was about to dwell in my thoughts, my door banged, It was mom,

"I need you to get ready and come downstairs, Romani' s are coming. " She said quickly stepping into my closet.

"What? Why? I mean yes Romani's are a family friend, and they come to our place so many times, but I need not dress up to meet them, at times I don't even meet them."

She picked a conservative looking floral dress and went outside giving me a constant smile.

Woah! My mom, coming into my room!!! It is so rare, she always calls me. Telling me to come down and meet their guests!!! So rare, they would never want their out of culture daughter to meet their so important partners. And rarest of all, Mom giving me a SMILE !!!

What the hell is happening?

After half an hour, I entered the hall with a plastic smile on my face. The guests there greeted me with too much enthusiasm, which was so unusual that my senses quickly smelled something fishy.

"Oh Honey, You look gorgeous, come sit with us. "Mrs Romani said, the same lady who doesn't give me her full eye looks usually, and I saw Mr Romani showing extreme interests in what I am doing in my life, while usually, he seems interested in what my father's company is doing. I was also surprised to see Ugene, their silent son, who is seen once in a blue moon, was here with everyone today.

"So, what are your plans for your career?" Ugene suddenly asked me.

Why does this awkward guy want to know this?

"I want to open a boutique..." I was about to say but my mom cut in between, "She wants to help us in family business just like you help your parents," mom said.

Okay, so this was the only usual thing in the trails of unnatural activities today, I am used to my mom intruding in my answers related to my career, and shaping it in her way of general acceptance of society.

Ugene simply nodded. Later he left saying he has some phone call to attend. Lucky guy!

The environment was becoming more and more suffocating and I craved for my room's solace.

As soon as the guests left, I ran to my room. I could hear footsteps behind me. Mom is following, why?

"Alexa wait," She said.

"I want to talk to you," She added. I turned to her. She held my hand, took me to her room, got me settled on her bed. I can't remember being on this bed since I was, um I guess two. It used to have a warmth then, couldn't relate to it now, the room was pretty much the same.

She arranged my hair with her hands,

"I want you to be friends with Ugene, and...then...get close to him," she said

What? Is it a joke? It sounds so ridiculous.


"Yes, so that once you guys are comfortable with each other we can announce your wedding." Her words felt like a thunderstorm.

I...I...I love Ray. I just love him, I wish I could tell her this.

"Once you guys marry, everything will be sorted. Your relationship will be really boosting our business and reputation. Can't wait to see Mrs Parkesten being jealous of you, Her daughter Rini must be trying to be a potential partner, but she'll never get someone as affluent as you. Haha," My mom said in her melodious tone.

The bed feels so cold now, so do my cheeks. Is this lady really my mom?

To be continued (Ugene's P.O.V in the next part)...

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