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Hiss But Do Not Bite

Hiss But Do Not Bite

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Gautam Buddha was travelling in a village. When he was about to pass the village, he saw many children were standing in a playground but were not playing. Out of inquisitiveness Budhha went near to them and asked them the reason for not playing their game. One of the child replied that they were not playing because their ball had gone to that direction. The boy pointed towards a big Bunyan tree and said that there a dangerous snake was hiding under the grasses of the tree. Whosoever tried to go there, had to die because of the snake bite. This is the reason why, the boy said ,not playing our game because our ball had gone under that big Bunyan tree, where the dangerous snake was hiding.

Having heard this, Budhha started to move in the direction of big Bunyan tree. Child tried to stop Gautam Bhdhha but no body could succeed. Ultimately Gautam Budhha approached near to big Bunyan Tree. The lucid hiss sound came across his ear and within few minutes the King Cobra appeared before him.

With Red Eyes King Cobra made loud hiss sound to intimidate Gautam Budhha, but of no avail. The snake was surprised with the calmness which was appearing on the face of Gautam Budhha. He tried many ways to instil fear in the mind of Gautam Budhha , but remain ineffective. At last the snake asked Gautam Budhha what was secret of this calmness and strength.

Gautam Budhha replied he was calm because he was not looking to acquire anything. He was fearless because he never intimidate anybody. Budhha asked the snake why he was biting people and there by creating hindrance for his spiritual growth. Snake requested Budhha to teach him the ways to lead life as he also felt useless in leading such life. The snake said he himself was afraid of every body that's why he was trying to bite everybody. At last Gautam Budhha taught the snake , lesson of love and non violence and left the village.

The snake turned out to be true follower of Gautam Budhha. He stopped biting anybody. He started to live on only dead animals and dried fruits. He never killed anybody. Graduallay everbody started to realize that the snake has become harmless. Now any body could throw piece of rock on the body of snake. But snake never retaliate. Even children started to prick needle in his body , but the snake, instead of biting them, used to run away. Leading the path of not harming others and non-violence costed dearly to the snake. Ultimately the body of snake became weaker and weaker and was about to die. The only desire ,the snake was nurturing ,was to see Gautam Budhha become his death.

The sincere desire of snake shown its fruits and Gautam Budhha visited that village again. When Gautam Budhha was passing the village he saw group of children, playing under that bug Bunyan tree. The memory of the dangerous snake flickered across his mind. Gautam Budhha inquired about the dangerous snake. Children replied that the snake was no more dangerous. In fact the snake had become teeth less and harmless and was lying in his death bed. With sympathizing eye , Gautam Budhha searched for the snake and after much effort he found that snake was hiding himself in a cave near the Bunyan Tree. When Gautam Budhha asked the reason for such a condition , the snake replied that he had stopped biting anybody. He has stopped hiding anybody. Now everybody could bite him, could throw stones on his body. This was the reason how his body was injured. The snake further said but he was happy to see Gautam Budhha again.

With tears in eyes and love in heart, Gautam Budhha said the snake that he could not understood the true meaning of non-violence. Gautam Budhha stopped the snake from biting others but not from hissing. Meaning of non-violence never warrants a person not to protect himself. While biting was prohibited but not hissing. By hissing you could have saved yourself. Gautam Budhha then advised the snake the true meaning of non-violence and left the village.

After that the snake began hissing. Though he never bitten anybody after ward but was able to save himself.

In a similar fashion in our daily life also we should not harm anybody. We should not rebuke any body. But we should equally be careful that people should not take us lightly. We can hiss and not bite others. We can act to be angry without being angry.

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