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Deepti Khanna


He Want You

He Want You

3 mins

Evenings attracted me to my balcony.

As the sun sank in the welkin,

I watched the crazy man 

Standing at the corner of the end of the street.

Dressed in a black suit,

A red bow suited his personality on road.

The trick, by a trick he showed on the footpath

With his stick and a black cap on his wick.

Admiring his tricks from far,

I always wanted to go to him and watch his tricks.

But a rumor had spread in the air,

That the magician hypothesized the kids

And take them somewhere. 

My elders always dared, to send me out,

My pals were also scared to come out ,

When the magician was around.

Stuck on the words of our elders,

We never dared to come out of our heaven.

Only the moving around the pedestrian,

Watched his show 

And threw pennies for him on the floor.

His name was dared to be called out,

Locality kids screamed 

As he walked on the road.

He was named as by the kids


As no one knew his real name.

Rabbits popped out from his cap,

steamers and eggs from the sleeves of his coats hand. Black brows lifted high as he saw the pedestrian with his big eyes. At this time the locality people said he will pick the child to whom he will say, "He WANTS YOU!"

One evening, I got late from tuition. The sun had already sunk in the sky . As I rushed through the street. A manly voice called out to me "Shiksha, come and have a look at the magic tricks. You always watch it from your balcony. Today stand hears and watch ."

His heavy voice held my heart, salty sweat appeared in my arms, as I kept my books at the corner of the path and started watching his art. My conscious was not willing to see the tricks, but something attached me to it hard. 

 I kept on staring at the tricks, I knew all of them, as I have seen them repeatedly now and then. Then Suddenly, he played with his stick and said pointing at me "HE WANTS YOU! "

A cold shiver ran through my spine, as he called out to me with a deep voice "come to me Shiksha ."

I unwillingly stepped towards him and suddenly sat behind the box behind him. He said hocus-pocus! 

And rabbit ears grew on the head . Loud laughter roared on streets, and the passers-by stared and laughed at me.

Again he said hocus-pocus and the rabbit's ears vanished from my wick. He asked me to leave after this, as I rushed to my flat, my heart beating in the speed of light. That night I slept with my parents thinking the magician would come and kidnap me.

 The next morning, I narrated the incident to my pals, and they were surprised that I wasn't kidnapped. A week passed by my pals surrounded me everywhere. I slept with my parents, making them believe that I wanted them during nighttime.

As the days passed of me and friends thought that why I was not disappeared till yet. One evening I gathered my courage and went to the magician. 

As his show got over I asked him " why didn't kidnap me ?" He turned around me with a smile and said " HE WANT YOU " and I was gone from my life.

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