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Siddharth Gupta


Have Faith Till The End

Have Faith Till The End

2 mins

The morning stretched calm, Sun was on its high

Blowing cold breeze

With his love, the doctor was at his balcony having sandwich cheese

Heard his wife's whisper..." Darling, I'm not feeling well"

He was haunted and took her to the hospital.

Doctors discharged her by some antibiotics as she had chest "germs"

But life is like a pendulum where it took her from feeling better to feeling worse

He called 108 and an ambulance was sent 

It was a horrific and terrifying ordeal from which he went

She was down at heel, coughing, has a fever and losing her sigh

Paramedics picked her up on a stretcher and rushed to the hospice

Multiple tubes inserted into her hands and the oxygen being pumped in through her nose

It was covid19 which took her to that vulnerable "mode".

They reached there, saw the shadowy forms of dumbs...

Some like ghosts, some scarecrows, all were wordless mortal prostrating under ventilators.

It was appalling and terrible to see patients struggling for their lives

Although with his comrades he was on his threshold and serving her day and night.

Holding his wife's hand "You’ll be fine", he urged 

She went off after saying..."Don't you take any chances, I'm done."

He was fragmented and hugged her as the heart rate monitor went booo

Suddenly, teary eyes went toward the TV and heard the news of Chinese "brew"


"You got to be kidding me? Out of 82k infected people, 78k have convalesced?

Is this even possible? Or it's something behind the pall? 

Is this an epidemic or imminent of a bio war?"

Holding his shoulder one of the comrades urged... "We know, life is a collection of frames having two opposite meanings,

Maybe the first is 'imminent of Bio War' and other is 'embark of better impending'

I know it dejects and down bears to get stuck in this labyrinth but don't change the aspect of your view,

Have composure and faith because everything will be fine, soon."

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