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Drama Thriller



Drama Thriller

Got Married

Got Married

3 mins 263 3 mins 263

It's a matter of time when I was posted on a warship, after serving 5 years onboard I decided to get married. One day I given a leave application to our HOD and requested that I am required to go to home for 15 days leave tomorrow morning to get married. 

He took the leave application in his hand and said by looking at.

HoD:- Wanna get married!

Me:- Yes Sir

Hearing this, HoD started laughing, hahahaummmmhahamn..........!

and used to say :- 

Ek Bakra aur ready ho gya !

Itna jaldi shadi ?? 

He looked at me and said:-

What is your age now??

Me:- 25 yrs 

He asked if you think that you will remain comfortable after getting married than you are very very got me?

I was silent because of Etiquette.

After some time he agreed to sign my lease application. I came out from his cabin and it was a great time for me. It was a happiest time.

I was very happy inside.

Coming into the mess I shared my happiness with our colleagues.

All my mess mates started to keep my luggage in a bag

At 5 pm I went to city Market to purchase necessary items for my family 👪 and a sherwani for myself. 

After 2 hours of shopping I returned to my ship and slept after having dinner.

Till midnight.....All was right.

But early in the morning at 4:00 AM on ship's broadcast an announcement made by officer of the day.

All positions gangway this is OOD speaking Ship is under sailing order at short notice. There is a emergency at sea coast so prepare your department accordingly and secure loose gears.That is all.

After listening this announcement I started getting worried. I was upset because of my marriage program 

But the same time my buddy also started to crying for an emergency leave. He started shouting his mother is serious and he suppose to go.....!

OOD approved his leave on behalf of department officer.

I was remain worried about my leave 

Many questions was in mind 

What will happen??

I can go or not??

Now it's time to gather in control room

for morning both watches.

Everyone were there and waiting for HoD.

HoD came there after 15 minutes.

He started briefing his staff and said ship is under sailing order we can move anytime. And there is shortage of man power so prepare your duty roster accordingly.

I asked him for out going sign on leave application.

He murmured.....Ohunmepp.

You cancel your program right now.

Due to shortage of staff you can't go on leave at this time.

I was nervous. I didn't feel good.

"What's now"

Time was passing by.

We were all waiting for the next order.

At the same time there was an announcement made by officer on ship's broadcast.

 All positions gangway this is OOD speaking.

"Sailig order has been canceled. Prepare accordingly."

There is no place for my happiness.

I left my ship at 10 o'clock and grab my train and reached my home the next morning. Next day I met my fiance.

After spending 10 days off We married.

"What's now"

Back to ship....

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