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Rasmita Sahoo

Abstract Drama Classics


Rasmita Sahoo

Abstract Drama Classics

"God Doesn't Exist Anymore"

"God Doesn't Exist Anymore"

2 mins 76 2 mins 76

Once Srushti's colleague replied in her social media status when she uploaded Lord Krishna pic:-

-You know what, Miss! 


-God doesn't exist anymore... 

- Seriously, But How! 

- Don't you watch the news on T.V?

- Nope, not interested in those crap.

- But you can't neglect that no one is happy & everyone is suffering! 

- Hmm...but things to surprise, We are still alive!

-What, Are you kidding with me !!! 

- Of course not. Cause after injecting toxic vax in our body, putting pesticides and chemicals in our foods, florid in water, Chemtrail in air, we are still alive & you might observe that our generation aren't as strong as our ancestors! I think it's enough to prove that God still exists and taking care of us! 

-Wait a minute ... What do you mean?

- I mean before any judgment, first you need to think, observe, research then give your comment.

- But, that's not a valid clarification & how could you neglect news on child trafficking, animal extinction, forest burning, climate-changing, and how farmers and students were committing suicide!

- Hmm. but, do you really think that blaming God is the only solution for these problems! Rather than focusing on negative news why can't you focus on positive works and support or follow the path of a social reformer! 

Anyway if we really want some positive changes in our society then, first of all, we need to change ourselves, our mindset, our behavior, our lifestyle and then gradually may situation will improve.

You know what, according to our current situation, our planet needs true warriors who need to do a selfless job towards their society & think positively & act positively for their little steps otherwise nothing will change.

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