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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Girl Who Remind Little Hearts

Girl Who Remind Little Hearts

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Suresh was a reserved student of the third standard. He was from a middle class was studying in an ICSE school were most of the students were from the luxury families. He had difficulties in making friends and with the English as well, probably that was the reason for his silence.

Suresh excelled well in other subjects, he was a multi-talented student, every day he returns home, and plays with his mother.

His mother cooks his favorite food for him, plays with him, and teaches him based on her knowledge. Though English was an Alien for their family, he worked hard and started watching the English movie channels that had the subtitles. In a way, it helped him a lot.

Suresh father was a Bank manager for some reason, he hated both Suresh and his mother, whenever he enters, the house Suresh hides. Every day he witnesses his mother facing domestic violence, Suresh tries to save her, but he was too small and remained a spectator.

He was perplexed about his mother ill-treatment, he appeared in front of her, after the blows with tears, the mother kisses him, and quietly moves into the kitchen to prepare the dinner.

Suresh was the only hope for his mother; he realized it when he was eight years old. He worked hard studied well, still, English was a hurdle.

It was during the age of computers where Dos and Logo were prevalent.

Once Suresh was bullied by a few boys of the same class.

Sati came to rescue.

Sati and Swati pushed those boys.

Swati: I will complain to teachers, why are you hitting him. Don’t cry, Suresh.

The boys went.

Sati: I have a green belt in karate; you would have seen my poster as well, For any issue let me know.

He smiled with his crooked teeth.

Sati, Swati, and Suresh were friends. Though they were young, they never gave up on each other. They belonged to different families, united with the soul.

Sati and Swati were the only two friends who ask about the wellbeing of Suresh. They were quick to respond and detect Suresh’s mood and propels him when he feels down.

Swati had a unique corner for Suresh, she shared her lunch, rubber, books with him, and she never had the pride, of hailing from a wealthy family, and Sati with his broken tooth and thick glasses he was a Clarke of the class but for Suresh, he was the green belt, Superman.

With Suresh lacking the self-confidence in a class of children with pride of money, Swati and Sati stood as a guardian.

Swati’s father a CEO of a tire company, and her mother a CEO of the steel industry,

She acted matured for her age.

She read several books,

She sings and plays guitar.

She usually drops Suresh and Sati at their home, and likes to spend time at their home; probably she wanted to stay with family, which she was missing at her home.

It was during the mid of the year there was an art competition conducted.

Some of the representatives from class 12th came and made an announcement. Jagan, Samba and Tanya were the first batches of the school that was to be appearing for the 12th exam out of the class of 12 students.

Not sure what was special about Tanya, Suresh started liking him.

She was as tall as her mother and spoke fluently in English.

She was the Head Girl and stayed popular across the school.

It was the day of the art competition, Suresh accompanied the competition along with other kids.

The topic signified, and the kids started painting, as students were painting, some prefect appeared at the corridor.

Suresh glimpsed and tried to clasp those voices, and of course, the scent of the lavender belonged to none other than, Tanya.

She appeared in her casual wear with no wand and wings, but with a ponytail and wrist band.

Swati: Suresh, complete you’re drawing just 10 minutes left.

How does she knows, Suresh got lost in a separate world.

He got frozen in the scorching summer with an idiotic smile on his face.

Swati finally succeeded in bringing him back from his dream, and he completed it on time.

Suresh got the second price, and Swati won the first price. The certificates got distributed by the principal it was duly filled with names by Tanya.

He collected the prize from the Principal and was staring at Tanya for appreciation, She didn’t notice him, as she was busy with her work, and was calling out the names of the other students.

Class second to Class sixth remained in a North end building, and Class 7th to Class 12th was in a South end building.

Every day Suresh attends the PT session, and he runs to South end building, hoping to see Tanya while drinking the water.

The senior guys used to shove him off those kids are not allowed to come to these buildings.

Suresh: Anna, I forgot the bottle played football

Suresh: Anna, Sati told we’ll have lunch here

Suresh: Anna, I have got the Puri to take this.

The innocent Suresh got subjected to love risk, and the lies confirmed it.

Suresh didn’t know, what was it and why he was saying lies, all he wanted to see Tanya every day.

Tanya appeared on the steps in a busy conversation with her classmates.

Tanya: No ya.

Suresh was drinking the water, not sure suddenly Tanya saw him.

Suresh couldn’t take his eyes off her.

Tanya: Why are you seeing me, and for some reason, she got angry at him and shouted.

Suresh continued his day, at times he used to see her in canteen and van.

With inspiration from a movie, he decided to write a letter to Tanya,

Limited resources in place with the dictionary being a luxurious bouncer for his knowledge.

He used his weapon and prepared the ultimate bomb.

With hard work and slogging day and night, he prepared a card.

His sister came and tried to see it, he cried at her and ran away from the scene to keep secret life.

Finally, he completed the missile with a smile.

It was mid of November, Suresh took the courage and got into the South end Building.

As the class busy in exams, they kept the bags outside during the exam.

He went and kept his card in Tanya’s bag and ran away from the scene.

Again next day he was seeing her behind the pillar of the second building.

This time he couldn’t escape, she got hold of him.

Tanya: Why are you seeing me, like that?

Suresh was emotionless.

Tanya: Lost her temper.

Suresh was about to cry, Rekha came to rescue.

Rekha: Tanya, I saw this kid, yesterday he kept something, in your bag, I forgot to tell you.

Suresh tried to run solely Rekha grasped his hand tightly.

Then Tanya opened her bag and saw the card.

Rekha: Hey, cute painting! All she could see was the colors.

Tanya: She saw his name from the card, Grow up.. Suresh

You have time for everything.

Tanya kissed him on his cheek and smiled.

Rekha: What is it, Tanya.

Tanya: Nothing Rekha, let's leave its time for our class.

She put her hand, on his head and smiled again and left with the card.

With December the batch left the school.

Tanya got married, and she is CEO of the leading Automobile industry, and Suresh is one of the employees of the same company.

Tanya would have forgotten Suresh, but not the Suresh.

Swati and Sati, remain his best friends and their bond have strengthened against every odds and technology.

They are the go-to person for each other; all were married but are still in touch with each other.

Swati always visits Sati and Suresh whenever she comes to India; she is the strongest of them when it comes to emotions and a part of a Child NGO community.

Not sure Why Suresh fell for Tanya, probably to her Accent and intelligence or maybe her confidence.

One can’t tell if the Suresh’s crush is love.

He never misses an opportunity to meet Tanya, though not in person by revealing his identity.

He maintains art record, school reports, and yearbooks safely without any scars.

She remains a special person in his life.

He got blessed with different Tanya, who is fluent in English unlike him and shares his unconditional selfless love to her daughter.

One cannot avoid falling in love, enjoy the moment.

Cupids are stupid.

They don’t regard, a common sense while firing the arrows.

The love as a bless or curse they do provide a lesson to learn and makes a better version of us when we take it with mature.

Love but don’t torture the person whom we love, including yourself as well.

Love does exist, even if doesn’t end in a relationship, it lives in you as memory, and brings out a better version of you.

It’s not necessary to name the relationship between Suresh and Tanya.

It is a good feeling that still exists within him, with Tanya being a Special Person, in his life.

Love, but Love with maturity and not vengeance.

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