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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Wyillene Du Toit



Wyillene Du Toit


Gabby and the mystery

Gabby and the mystery

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I didn't want to move, I didn't want to change schools, I didn't want to get new friends, I didn't want to change my normal routine... but I also Don't want to get sent to the orphanage.

Sighing, I climb out of the car... it was a fancy car... or well fancier than I'm used to.

"Thank you." I smiled at my Uncle as he gets my four suitecases from the boot. It's not like I own many clothes... but I do own many books and other stuff that was an entire suitecases and a hald full. Only two suitcases has clothes in, the other one had three of the only warm thing I own in with other stuff mixed with.

"This is everything right?" My Dad's brother asks me. I nod at him before starting at the mansion in front of me.

Okay maybe it wasn't that big of a house, but it was bigger than I'm used too. This beautiful white house is a big family home where I'm used to a small ranch...

"Your probably tired and hungry, let's go inside." I follow my uncle as he struggles with the four suitcases. I didn't ask him if he needed help seeming I was to nerves and afraid of this huge change.


My Uncle watch me as he holds the big wooden door open for me. "Ready to meet everyone... again."

After what... seven years... totally...not

Slowly I walked inside, the house was big and open in the inside. I wouldn't say fancy but definitely a comfy feeling settled on me.

"I'm back honey!" He calls out as he closes the door behind us. "I will show you your room in a minute okay?"

I just nod, waiting for permission from him to look around or something.

A beautiful woman in her late thirty's... long dark brown hair and soft blue eyes... apears from somewhere. "You were gone a while, how was your business trip to.." She stops in her tracks when she notice me.

"Honey, you remember Gabby, my brothers only child." 

I gave my Aunt a small smile. "Hello."

"Gabby?" She gave me a half smile. "Yess I remember, how are you?"

"Umm.. good thank you."

She scoffs looking at her husband. "What is she doing here?" She ask through gritted theeth as a small smile was still displayed on her face.

Does she think I can't hear her?

"She's going to stay with us for a while." He told his wife.

I didn't know my Uncle didn't told her about my visit... why would he not tell her...she doesn't like me.... well I think she doesn't... why would she want me here as a surprise guest...

"Zack, Lain, I have a surprise for you!" He yells looking at stairs to our left.

It didn't take two seconds before you could hear footsteps bang on the floor.

"I'll be right back,dear, in the meantime, I hope these trouble makers will make you feel at home." My Uncle said to me before walking with his wife into a room, closing the door behind them.

"Hey Dad!"

"We missed you!"

"What is the surprise!"

The two guys stoped in there tracks at the bottom of the stairs when they saw me.

Umm...yeah so this is kind of... awkward...

The one on the left was taller and looked a bit older, he has light brown hair, dressed in a black shirt with jeans... the one on the right has dirty blonde hair, dressed in a rugby jearsy and shorts.

They looked at each other making me move my wait around.

So none of them knew I was coming, or they don't recognize me... or both... probably both seeing what my Aunt's reaction was when she saw me.

"Hi-, so umm... can we help you, where is our dad?" The tall one with the light brown hair said... I think he's Zack. 

No one moved as we looked at each other.

"Hi," I felt like an imposter, I wish I could just disappear and never come back here, I never was welcome here, and I still remember the fight that happend seven years ago at there old house.

Some how it was my fault...

", he went there." I point at the room he and my Aunt disappeared in.

"And who are you?" I think Lain.. ask me. "Umm.. I'm Gabby,"

Why are you talking like you're a total stranger... they are your cousins, really!

"Gabby?" The taller one looked at his brother. "As in Gabby... Gabby Hang?"

"Hinglo, Gabby Hinglo." I corrected my Nephew. They looked at each other in thought... I think.

"I'm your cousin, your dad's brothers daughter.." I said more to myself in a whisper as I looked at the carpet feeling worthless, I was hoping one of them would at least remember me, I know it's been so long but still.

I looked up when one of them shouted my name. "Hi!" The shorter one ruched to me inlvolving me in a bear hug. "Gabby, now I remember you, you looked really familiar, I just couldn't put my finger on it."

I laugh nervously. "Hello Lain?" It sounded like a question, he pushes away from me giving me a nod. "The one and only, you remembered my beauty." He combed through his dirty blonde hair making me roll my eyes.

"Yeah, that is not it."

I was already feeling better now.

"Come on bro, don't just stand there come greet our favorite Cousin!" He looks to the stairs to see no one there.

Between Lain and Zain, me and Lain had a better relationship through the years... for some reason... the year of the fight.... he didn't like me, I don't know why... what I did.... and I don't know how to fix usual. I sigh aloud.

"Don't mind him Gabby, he's been moody all day long, he'll get to his senses eventually and be a nice guy like me and greet our favorite niece." 

When I looked back at him, he gave me his best, sweet and charming smile... 

Jip, this is definitely Lain!

"Yeah." I simply said.

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