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Aarthigha Kannan

Drama Romance


Aarthigha Kannan

Drama Romance

From Train to Marriage

From Train to Marriage

3 mins 214 3 mins 214

Meera was getting ready for her college. She is tensed as it's her last exam of this semester and excited as she planned to go for a movie with friends. 

Meera dressed herself in a white salwar suit ( dress code for outing). She loves to have jasmine flower on her thick black long hair. Along with the smell of the flower, her perfume added flavor. Wearing sandal paste on the forehead after praying to God, she started to college. 

Her mom called her and told all the best for her exams and added that she looks very beautiful. Meera, said thanks to mom and said she will return home late as they have planned for movie. Meera mother didn't accept and asked her to return home directly from college. After so much of request and pleasing, meera got permission to go out for movie. 

Meera hurried up to railway station as it's already late. She stepped down the staircase of station very fastly to check whether she missed her train. Thanks to God, the train was 10 minutes late. She relaxed herself and drank some water. She started gazing her book slowly and was going through important questions.


She heard a voice from her back. She turned and saw it was a guy with neat formal dress and shoes. He looked very smart. 

Meera : yes, did you called me? 

Guy: yes... Actually my name is Arjun. 

Meera: ok....

Arjun: are you mallu?

Meera: no... But why are you asking me this?

Arjun: nothing, I thought you were. You looked like malayali... .

Meera: no I'm not ( she cut down the conversation)

Arjun: excuse me...

Meera: yes tell me

Arjun: no I just wanted to say that I completed my PE and joined my new job in private bank. I... I feel like I want to marry you... 

Meera: what? 

Arjun: please don't take me wrong. I have seen you many times in station. But today I somehow gained courage to tell you this. I always admired you. If you are comfortable and okay I'll ask my parents to speak with your parents then we will decide. I'll not put you in any trouble. 

Meera was completely confused a d stunned with what he had told her. Before she could tell anything, her train arrived the station. 

As it's getting late for the exam, she boarded the train with hell lot of confusions. She don't want to turn and see him as she felt this may encourage him. Still, when train started to leave the station, curiously she turned and looked at the place where he was ... 

He was not there. She searched for him swiftly. He was standing near the tea stall sipping a tea. After seeing her, he had a gentle smile and winked his eye....

Meera suddenly felt butterflies in her stomach... She felt like she is missing something. She reached college and sat in exam hall. She could not answer even the known answers. After setting up her mind, she started to concentrate on the exam. Still Arjun's face flashed suddenly... 

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