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Nirali Jaradi

Drama Tragedy Inspirational

From Sunset To Sunrise

From Sunset To Sunrise

4 mins

A girl was born, the family was happy. . they decided to give her a name, Nilam.They decided to dream about her that what Nilam will become.It was average Indian family. Nilam started growing in her life. . was protected by members of the family. She had elder siblings. So she never needed to manage or did anything except herself.She started schooling and was doing good. She was an average student but she knew that one day she will become someone who has her own identity. . who has her own proud and whose family will be proud for raising daughter. Day by day as she grew up she started being mature . . started getting clear what she wanted in life.

Now Nilam was in 12 th class. . career choosing stage of life. Nilam got an average percentage.She got admission in good college.She studies for bachelor degree where she got reputation of being good student. Nilam was clear in her dreams that one day she will become someone apart from Nilam.

Till date Nilam didn't cook or never done any house hold things. Nilam had mother who never let her do any house work so that she can focus on herself.One day Nilam graduated with good numbers.

Now she had many options of staying in country or going abroad. she choose to stay here for post graduation.Nilam got admission in post graduation where she made so many friends.

But one day she met someone, who let her feel that he was the person who she wanted.They started affair with many ups n downs.During this whole time Nilam was confused what she will do after post-graduation.

And the day came post graduation completed, they decided to marry each other and Nilam dropped her dream to be with him.He cared about Nilam, he understands Nilam what else she wants!!!!!!

One day Nilam put her feeling about her dream n about her life goals.He understand it and supported her. That day she felt like completed that she has someone who understands her.

After so many struggles, they got married. though he accepted her as life partner, his family didn't.

They never wanted such girl from different community. she started following all religious things to make them Feel better. After some days, Nilam started feeling unwanted in her own family. She didn't break up. Things got worse. . they started physically haras her. She kept quiet. ask her husband for help though he didn't have any courage to stand by her. He also started behaving differently. . speaking of if she can't adjust she can go to her own house!!!

She was surprised if this is not her house then which one is her house after getting married ??

Does girl need to buy her own house before marriage ???

Still Nilam kept courage and stay with them. She started to divert her mind by working outside in form of some job and started living happily. She remembered her dream what she wanted to become and she started making progress step by step.

But they never wanted their daughter in law to be independent.So they started telling her to quit job and do household works.

She asked her husband to take a stand but he stood against Nilam by saying they are right.

That day Nilam stood for her and she refused to give up work. She became unstable the day when they gave her option to choose between job and husband but proudly she choose job.

So they made her leave her husband and her husband turned his back.

Bad days started and Nilam became depressed. Nilam got surrounded by some health issues. She couldn't sleep for nights by thinking he is not that person whom she got married.

Nilam spent years in depression as there is only sunset and no sunrise.

One day she remembered her dreams, she stood for her again and she started chasing her dreams.

After working hard and spending years of doing hardwork she became the one that she wanted

The sun rises again from sunset. . .

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