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Amanpreet Singh

Romance Others


Amanpreet Singh

Romance Others

Friends Forever Episode 1/2

Friends Forever Episode 1/2

5 mins 166 5 mins 166


It is the last year of my professional degree i.e. Bachelor of Education or B.Ed. I am in my college sitting in my class. As we all know in this course especially in the last year all come to know about each other. We all know who is a simple guy, who is a decent guy and we too come to know who is a flirty or an indecent guy. But the best point is even an indecent boy behaves well externally in the college especially in my college. Even the bad guys don’t do bad things. In the class mannerism and discipline, all are excellent.

Actually, I (Aman) want to say the atmosphere of our college is very warm and friendly. I am watching before my eyes that some girls are singing songs together and some other boys and girls are engaged in normal and friendly talks. I am really enjoying every bit of it. Girls are also coming to me in between and exchanging some friendly words with me. The smiles are ruling all over their faces. My class has become a kind of heaven for me. Sorry, not only for me but for the whole class.

The bell rings. A female professor enters our class. She teaches only for about fifteen minutes and then a man in uniform enters the class. 

“Excuse me, mam, may I come in?”


The man in police uniform, Pawan enters the class and he exchanged some words with the teacher and then he does an unexpected thing.

He says loud and clear, “Shruti, I liked you too much from the bottom of my heart. I got attracted to you when we were in the first year of our professional degree. At that time, I was also preparing for my competitive exam for becoming a police inspector. I could not express my feelings towards you then. I left this college in between because I got selected for my exam. And now my training period is going on. So, I can’t say anything more. I can only say “Hum bhi aish karte hain, tumko bhi aish karwaynge! (Now, I have a job so I am enjoying my life now and I will also make you enjoy your life too!)”

Shruti replies nothing. It can be looked on her face she agrees to his proposal for marriage but she fears if her parents will agree. All eyes are on both of them. All are happy with this proposal.

I think within my mind, “In the last year I talked to this guy. He was really a decent guy. Now, he has come back to propose to her because he has a job now. How decent! He didn’t propose to her last year because he had no job and then how could he present himself before her parents. It is the thought process only of a decent guy. He didn’t want to do time pass with her. He always wanted to marry her. Their conversation should go ahead. But what should I do to move their process ahead? Idea!”

I ask Pawan, “Have you brought your snap? She can show it to your parents.”

Pawan replies smilingly, “Yeah, I have.”

He hands over his snap to me. I hand over his snap to Shruti and say to her, “Shruti, please keep this snap. He is a very nice guy. See, he has proposed you only after getting a job. He wants to marry you. You can think about it. If you are okay with it. Then you can show his snap to your parents too. If they feel okay too, then I hope God will bring the best results for you both.”

Shruti keeps his snap with her. Pawan’s bit tense face relaxes and he thanks me for all this. Then he leaves the class very decently. 

I think within my mind, “When would I get my true life partner in my life? And I don’t want to wait like Pawan till I get my job. I want to find and propose to my soulmate right now. But to whom should I propose in my class? I want to find for myself a decent girl like myself, who knows and understands the real pure love. I need to find her out.”

I have been observing the behavior of all girls to see who really matches my expectations i.e. who is not flirty, who doesn’t believe only in time, who is serious, and looking for a long relationship. But up to now, I haven’t found my correct match.

One day, Simran comes close to me. She is a tall good looking girl. I have talked to her friend many a time, but this day is going to be special.

She says to me, “You are also as good as Pawan. If I say honestly, you are better. You are better than Pawan in looks, in your way of speaking style, in your mannerism. Your heart is also so pure. We girls can easily see that.”

“Thanks, Simran. Today, how come that you are praising me so much?” I ask her smilingly.

“Sometimes such things need to be said. Sometimes such things need to be heard or listened to. Sometimes if we don’t say something to each other, we sometimes regret it in the future.” She replies with her unusual face.

Having said these words to me, she leaves me back to her friend circle. I have realized what she meant by those words. I think within my mind, “She told me I am pure-hearted as Pawan. From her words, it becomes clear she likes me for my purity. She likes me for my decency. I think she is only my correct match. I should respond to her positively as much as I can but indirectly. Let’s see what happens next.”

The next day, I got close to her and initiate a conversation on college topics. After some time I say to her, “You said right. Sometimes something needs to be said and sometimes something needs to be heard. But I want to add here one more line. Sometimes something needs to be responded to.”

To be continued

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