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Foster Father

Foster Father

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Vikram had a rising career in journalism. He was the American correspondent of a leading Indian newspaper. All the important political and economical events were covered by him. Besides he used to submit small articles representing a collage of social events happening where he was stationed. Usually, it was a mirror of the society at large and a comparison to its contemporary Indian counterpart. Vikram was there now for quite some years. He had met his wife Sweta there who was also a correspondent for another leading daily. They were happily settled there and returning home in the future was a distant dream and was perhaps conditional.

But homesickness Vikram was not prone to. Because due to his job commitments he would be here home in India more than once a year. So Vikram was a settled and focused man. His work was also getting attention and in the world of journalism he had made a name for himself.

But all of a sudden his peaceful life turned topsy turvy for Vikram. In a tragic road accident, his wife Sweta passed away leaving him desolate and alone and even depriving him of becoming a father. As Sweta was expecting a baby few months ahead. This was shattering for Vikram. He was totally puzzled and utterly confused. So soon and so sudden destruction can strike any mortal. A storm had struck on a calm sea. Although both Vikram and Sweta were journalists and journalists lives are frought with risks, but their personal lives were as peaceful as the Pacific ocean. There was complete understanding between them and there could not have been a happier couple worth the mention.

Vikram could not continue with his job there further. On compassionate ground his company brought him home to India and posted him at the head office and put him in the back office with lighter job role.

Slowly, Vikram picked up the strings of his torn life together. Time is the greatest healer. Within a few months after almost fully recovered from his grief, Vikram went back to the States. There he put up all his assets on sale and after fully getting his money's worth he returned back home.

Vikram now switched to sports journalism and took up football reporting with real earnest. Although cricket being the most popular and rich sport he found a lot of promise in football. There was a lot of change going on in the game. Professional teams were being formed and there was big media involvement in promoting the game. Vikram thought that this was the time when many promising youngsters having not too affluent backgrounds could cash in on the opportunity. Vikram who had faced huge turmoil in his personal space had a huge change of mind. He, whose life had become meaning less few months back now wanted to dedicate and devote his time in helping the deprived and downtrodden. After the passing away of Sweta, his life had seemed to be meaning less.

After taking up writing on football he came face to face with life's real challenges. On covering the game he saw countless faces in the milieu striving day in and out to get a toe hold in the hugely competitive world. Vikram thought that this was the time to bring to lime lite some of the budding talent who needed little grooming to get the proper sponsorship and training for the success of the game. Who knows some hidden gems may be unearthed and the sport could see another Pele, Maradona or a Messi.

Vikram's contributions slowly started to have effect. Many players from the colts team were ready to get the entry into the big league of senior football. This period needed lot of grooming for these players so that they bloomed into champions and not wither away due to neglect.

Vikram then took up the cause of some of the players from poor background. He found a new meaning to his listless life. Vikram decided to dedicate his energies in channeling these boys to get the proper inputs to improve their sporting life. Appointment of a good coach, proper football kits and other inputs needed to raise the quality of the game was given due attention. Once these boys got stream lined then their career would take proper shape. These boys life became better through the various efforts of Vikram. Even their families benefited indirectly. Vikram became the darling of these many families. Even they hailed him as their messiah. So much cheer and happiness Vikram had brought into their dark and pessimistic lives. Vikram was being looked upon as a Foster father to these hapless footballers. Vikram 's life also took a new meaning. After all he had to bear so much of tragedy in the near past.

Soon a bunch of young teenage footballers were ready. They were now sent for further training to football nurseries of Europe all at the state expenses. After completion of their training they would be inducted into the world of professional soccer. They would now be open to sponsorship and lucrative club deals. Their once impoverished families would now enjoy all the benefits of a resurgent and rejuvenated family. All the credit of Vikram. Countless blessings were being showered on him for being the beacon in their once hapless lives. So much good karma was now to the credit of Vikram. After the loss of Sweta to the tragic accident Vikram was cursing his bad karma. Now he was mentally reversing that entry.

Strange are the ways of life. An almost listless life of Vikram had now become so much more meaningful. The poor families were all expressing their heartfelt gratitude towards him. How Vikram had made a dramatic change in their lives.

Vikram was now motivated to continue with his work. He was ready preparing a new set of players to foster their lives. After all he had the good wishes of so many benefited families. Vikram had become the father figure to these budding footballers.

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