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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Ahana Dasgupta

Drama Tragedy


Ahana Dasgupta

Drama Tragedy

Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not

3 mins 519 3 mins 519

INTRODUCTION: To all my dear ones, here goes some breeze, from the window of my mind, penned down before my death.

29th December 2018

Here I am, on my death bed, counting down the minutes, hours and days. I toss and turn on the bed in agony, with a pain that is degrading me every moment.

24th January 2019

I keep in account all the natural phenomena, even those, which remain unnoticed by the others. Last night I noticed how the star-studded night sky accompanied the earth until the sun rose. How the majestic halo of dawn shone over the city, emulating each person by person. Now it's bright and sunny outside with some naughty black clouds; kicked out of the clan is conspiring against the sunshine. Even the breeze has joined the campaign. The notorious plan is being strengthened every moment - those kicked out clouds were able to gather some baby members in its clan.

It's already 10 AM in the morning and as usual, vendors on the roads are selling their goods. 'Rj's are busy in entertaining the mass of people struck amidst the jam and loud horns. Whereas the people in the villages are busy in their simple life, farming and domesticating the animals.

The clan of clouds has successfully engulfed the sun and they are about to cry out in full fledge.

4th April 2019

Amidst all the process of minute observations, when you recall that your countdown to leave the world has already begun,the heart is shredded. The thought of cutting down all the emotional bonds with the worldly delusions is unbearable, especially if your flower of youth has just bloomed.

In such a mindset you might feel the merry sunshine with the eyes of sorrow. You can't let go off the mysterious sunrise peeping through the branches. You might long for viewing the scene for eternity. When the thought of death appears to your mind, the thing you can't wave off is the parting sorrow rotating around your fingertips.

1st June 2019

When the night is slightly cold and the moon becomes indistinct, I often wonder if there is a parallel universe. I long to slip into that universe where I don't have to die so early.

18th July 2019

Even when the time passes unhurried, I am unable to let go of it. It is piercing to know that you can no more enjoy the aroma of grass blown by cold winds.

2nd August 2019

Oh, Lord! I know that life and death are on a titter totter. Life is playing with death and death is playing with life. When we love 'life' and hate 'death', death cries. But no one thinks death as a blessing. It's beautiful. Death is just the beginning of another creation. But still, every night I pray to see another SUNRISE. I must be so selfish!

21st September 2019

It's my birthday, this day might be the last one that I would celebrate. Asking for my death at old age would be my wish if God asks.

22nd October 2019

But what if I go missing? I won't have a death day, no death anniversary.

20th November 2019

If still anyone longs to see me, one might come to the mysterious land of 'Forget Me Not' flowers. Don't you know it's location? Then find it.

3rd January 2020

Weeds are unwanted, just like me. 'Forget me not' flowers are blue, asking us to have faith in love, life, and heaven. I would die amidst the flowers, at least it would enrich the soil for the flowers. Haha!

I would be planting a vast land with FORGET ME NOT, before my death. Vibrance of hope might be spread with its pollen.

I promise that I won't commit suicide, I would go on enjoying the wine of my life till my last breath. I won't ask for euthanasia. May the land of 'forget me not' flowers be a token of my gratitude towards the omnivorous time.

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