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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Executive Decision

Executive Decision

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Trust your instinct, follow your heart, leave a dent and prepare for glory.

Decisions are never right or wrong, rather they yield results. Some in favour, takes us to the zenith while some are hard that pushes us to the nadir. Destiny charts the course but the perils of an outcome, coupled with the fear of failure hinders the phenomenal voyage that the heart has already decided to embark upon.

The goal was clear but the approach was murky. While the instinct loaded the gun, the passion was in search for the pellet waiting to breeze past the barrel and strike hard like a sledge hammer. The judgement was clouded but the fire was blazing high and not ready to extinguish. A thousand thoughts crossed the mind and the only words rambled in my head were, “WHAT NEXT”. Innumerable amount of deep breaths, a hundred odd motivational cum inspirational videos could neither satiate the hunger to follow my heart nor could it placate the nonstop palpitations that emerged from the swathes of uncertainty.

Blame it on the countless path breakers or game changers who took the road less travelled and left an indelible mark for millions to follow. It was time to shed the conventional rhetoric processes that the brain was so akin to. It was time to harness the passion and perseverance with patience spearheading the tumultuous ride that you have fixed your gaze on.

After a highly successful stint at the corporate environment, when I decided to take a plunge to the backwaters of tinsel town, all that was going in my head like a million other newbies that throng the by lanes of Mumbai was, that one god damn break I needed to infuse life to my creativity.

The comforts of an air conditioner office, the swiftness of handling things over video conferencing, skype and emails, the innumerable free cups of tea & coffee and the assurance of handsome salary credit at the end of the month had already taken a toll and it was a choice of living within the cocoons of comforts or getting out there under the scorching heat of sun and crafting a piece of art.

The first and the most sensible thing I did were to sign a resignation e-mail. While earlier, it used to give me a high that I am moving towards the greener pastures, this time it was quite unsure whether the pastures would be greener or I need to plough the land and make it green.

While the mind said “Hold on! Think Twice”, the heart said “Trust your instinct, follow your heart, leave a dent and prepare for glory”. A moment of deep silence, a prayer on my lips and the click of a button was all that was needed to burn your ships and march forward. Yes! You need to burn your ships and strike off that traditional ‘Plan B’ from your watch list. It’s gotta be a Plan A, and that’s the only plan you need to bank upon on the road to excellence.

While the maximum city was buzzing with activities, the initial years were slow paced and to make an inroads into the so called ‘camps’ were difficult. Either you were shunned out or you were taken for a ride. At times it was quite riveting but at times it was like still waters. A friend had called in to check how I was doing and all I could gush out was ‘I could see seasons after seasons changing but I don’t see a change in my position’ but I did add that ‘Hey! I’m down but not out. I know it’s there. It’s just a matter of time.’

And the time came and it rained riches. Assignments after assignments and all that I had spent in the last 1 year from my savings, I got it recovered in the next 2 months. This was a morale booster and early signs that reaffirmed the faith that the decision was a sensible one.

Slowly the fog started to fade and the vision became clearer. Experience stepped in. Processes were put in place. Strategies reworked. Network strengthened and the journey to greatness begun. You gotta take chance! You gotta take a hit! You gotta prepare for glory.

It’s not about how many moments you breathe to live rather how many moments you lived that took your breath away!

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