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Every Wish Counts

Every Wish Counts

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‌So Christmas time right? 

‌Here is the thing about Christmas, everything feels magical, I don't know why. Christmas is a festival which is celebrated all over the world. 

‌Every year ends on this magical note with beautiful lights, gifts and definitely those delicious cakes. 

‌Christmas is not only a festival of lights and cakes but of wishes and prayers, coming true. Every year ends with a wish for a better year ahead, it all just adds up to the entire year ending, in a good way. 

‌We all grew up believing in Santa. Haven't we? Eventually, as we grew older we realised it's just our parents or elders buying gifts for us. 

‌But have you ever thought about who sells those gifts to them? When you go out with your parents on a Christmas eve to dine somewhere have you thought who serves or cooks you the food? Humans, just like you and me. 

‌They spend their entire Christmas providing us joy and help. People work in the departmental store till late at night just for us to go and buy gifts and get them wrapped. People working at restaurants sacrifice their part of joy to see the excitement on our faces while we happily enjoy the food with our close ones. A lot of people have not been able to go home during Christmas cause of late night shifts. Yet they earn so little and can't even buy good gifts for their children or close ones. There are a lot of children who lay on the streets covered with tears and cold wishing for some warmth and definitely not this freezing cold. There are people wishing for a home, they don't wanna grow alone in some orphanage. And then there is us crying over for not getting the dress that we wanted or that fancy toy. 

‌So this Christmas be nice be the Santa you once believed in, cause there are children who don't believe in it. Be their secret Santa and gift them something. Buy gifts to poor kids and orphans, to the ones working at the store. And above all don't forget to wish them. Every wish counts.

‌This year pray for the ones deserved, pray for their wishes and not just yours. 

‌We all deserve the same love and care, it's just their sacrifices that increases our part of joy. Lets us keep believing in equality not only in gender but also in humanity. 

‌And as I have said before there is magic everywhere you never know what's going to happen next. Keep believing. 

‌So this Christmas be a Santa. Be a wish. Create a dream. 

‌Merry Christmas. Ho ho ho. 

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