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Ever In My Wildest Dreams

Ever In My Wildest Dreams

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Finally, the day had arrived. Today, we were going to visit our aunt and our cousins, who lived in Italy. This time, papa had decided to make the journey via ocean Mediterranean. So we reached the port of Marseille at around 11:15 am. Initially we started our journey at 8:45 am from our mansion in Lyon and took the T.G.V for Marseille and reached there by 11 and it took our 15 minutes to reach the port. Within two quarters of an hour, we were boarded into the ship and were ready to start our journey. We were then asked to tie our seatbelts and we're instructed on it. Papa and mamma sat on the opposite sides of me, Leah and Louis. Well yes, I (Lisa), Leah and Louis were three children of Mr. Liam Smith and Mrs. Lara Smith, our parents.

Once we were sited, the guide announced that we will reach the neighboring port within six hours or so with a speed of 130 km/h, unless there is any disturbance in the ocean. We were excited, especially my youngest sibling- Leah, as it was her first journey via ocean.

An hour passed by, with Leah resting her head on Louis' shoulder and Louis resting his head on mines, while I struggled to keep my balance with a force of two heads on my shoulder, refraining myself to lean on to my seat neighbor who looked as if he was too fed up of somebody ridiculing him because of his fat-headedness and could turn up to be really ferocious if someone even dared to touch him.

Well I rarely peeped out of the ship's window as I was too afraid of the deep sea and the little creepy things that resided in it like starfish, dolphins, octopuses, and even sharks. Except the fact that sharks are really harmful, I am scared of the other aquatic species or may be the whole of it (the ocean itself). Mamma says that I might have some sort of hydrophobia then.

Another hour said "goodbye"! Now, all the passengers were served some snacks by the guides. Obviously it was not as good as my mom's but it was not bland. My mamma wanted to know if I wanted some more or if Leah and Louis wanted some more. As soon as I opened my mouth to answer mom, my food fell on the ship's floor. Not only mine, but almost everyone's, either food fell or they fell themselves. We finally concluded that the ship was hit by a strong wave, resulting to the jerk which made us or our belongings fall.

Everyone started screeching like a baby. Many were being pessimistic and declared that the ship would drown and we all would die! My seat neighbor started being obnoxious and diffident. I cried to my mamma and papa who looked as if they haven't yet come to terms about what had just happened. Leah started crying and Louis, trying to come out of his reverie. A gangling youth came from the engine room and asked us to calm down. Most of them didn't seem to rally round, although this guy himself was horribly terrified.

The ship was undergoing a constant jerk and had left almost an inch to turn upside down and to drown into the water. The guide came again and asked us to be ready in case any drowning takes place and asked us to were the swimming tubes and the swimming jackets that was placed beneath our seats and tried to stimulate us not to lose hope for life. All of us got up to get ready (to drown may be). The swimming tubes of some of the seats hung outside the ship. Louis' tube was also amongst them. He tried to open the window to get it, but as soon as he opened the window to get it, a huge splash of water got in. It became pretty difficult for the pilot to keep the ship's balance as the density of the ship was gradually increasing due to the unwanted arrival of the ship's host (the ocean). The water wave also brought in a lot of fishes and other aquatic creeps. I jumped and sat on the seat, crossed legged in disgust. My seat neighbor looked completely rapt to eat all of them alive!

The water kept entering from the window and nobody even dared to go and close it as the force of the water would either take one out of the ship or would land you with or over some creeps!

As soon as dared to stand up and walk to mamma, I tripped over something and fell onto the submerged ship's floor. However I didn't feel wet at all and neither did I feel the presence of any sea guest (aquatic animals-fishes or something) underneath my hands or feet.....I don't know why..!

Mamma came rushing to me but instead of picking me up she started shaking me and asked me to get up and get ready for school.........!!

I opened my eyes and found myself lying on top of my room's carpet. Leah and Louis hanging half out of their respective beds and mamma and papa were staring at me as if I was new born kitten. I picked myself up and sat on the bed. Papa stroked my hair and asked if I was okay. I nodded. I later learned that all that I just went through was just a nightmare! Mon Dieu...!!

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