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Life, Ain't That Easy

Life, Ain't That Easy

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It was around 8 o'clock in the evening and I was trying to complete my elegy that I had started writing last evening but I had confirmed that I would not complete it until an overmorrow as my dear new neighbours would never let me do so. Those hooligans had two holiganic children, who were too nettle. They would screech unnecessarily and play all day and would never bother to listen to their parents and this would encourage them to scream along with their children. As I sat on my study table to continue writing......."DHUM!", these two offsprings of Mr. and Mrs. Howard, were playing football in their room, making the wall that separated their room from mine as the goalpost! This obnoxious behaviour of theirs, literally sucked my blood!

Once, I was trying to rest for sometime after long hours of work. I had kept my spectacled on the table besides my bed. Suddenly Mrs. Howard started screaming on her two pudgy children for some reason and her scolding made Eva and Milan cry so badly that it seemed like they were in pain of losing the thumb finger of their right hand and because of the vibration their screams, my spectacles fell on the floor and broke into pieces.....! 

Sometimes I felt like leaving my apartment as well as my neighbours forever but I knew that life ain't that easy and I have to live with it no matter what and I knew that I had to find out some remedies to demolish the fire that was burning inside me.

Once, I was simply strolling in my balcony. My eyes by chance went through the window of the Howard's. I peeped inside and to find the whole family, trying to hide themselves in each other, in front of the television, cracking knuckles, drenched in their sweat. My curiosity raised to know what made their faces look so very terrified. I peeped into the television, they were watching "ANNABELLE"! A witty idea flashed in my head that made my face lit.

The following day, in the evening, I thought of launching my idea. I had decided to turn off the main switch that supplied electricity to their home and I worked accordingly. I then wore a white shawl and a mask that had the picture of a ghost in it. The Howard had opened the front door of their house, hoping some light to enter from the streets and some from the moon. 

I had sensed a very good opportunity to fool the Howards. I slowly toed towards their entrance. Taking Jesus's name, I made my entry through their drawing room. The two tiny Howard impish kids who jumping on top of the sofa, suddenly felt like losing the ground from under their feet! Mrs. Howard was knitting something and Mr. Howard was shaving. Mrs. Howard screamed so badly on seeing me, which made Mr. Howard a bit nervous which further made him shave half of his moustache. Poor man, he was really proud of holding his ancestral style moustache. All four looked at me with their horribly terrifying looks and screamed together. Face, pale. At one point, I myself got scared but I knew that this was my only "do or die" chance and could not at all afford to lose it.

I continued my role. I spread my hands and started making creepy noises. They begged me or the ghost (as they believed), to stay away and promised me that they would follow all my instructions and would do whatever I ask them to. I then asked them to never ever disturb anybody, their neighbors, friends, teachers (to the children), or anybody. By neighbors, I actually meant myself but I included some other names too because I believed, they were in no good books of the other neighbours too. I then slowly paced my way away from their house.

I entered my room, removed my shawl and burst into laughter. I had been controlling myself throughout. I could do it anymore. I was so proud of my act. I concluded I wasn't that bad as an actor.

From the next day on wards, I was able to write 25 pages and I could complete four elegies in one day. I then confirmed that my efforts did not go in vain and that I had also contributed a bit in controlling the Howard's tantrums. Yeah!

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