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Dream Vs Destiny

Dream Vs Destiny

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The entire stadium reverberated with the applauds. She was standing on the podium, holding first position trophy in the Shot put. Her face was full of Pride as she was wearing Indian jersey and saluting to the tricolor flag when it was hoisted with the national anthem. An attractive reporter, holding camera asked with a beautiful smile -To whom you give the credit of this win, Trisha?

She went in the remembrance and questioned herself “to whom should I devote this triumph- the alcoholic father who died due to hepatitis, loving alcohol more than me and left the disabled daughter alone and orphan in this cruel world or should I acclaim it to the aunt who didn’t hesitate for a second before selling me to the flesh traders?

Tears started rolling down her cheeks when she recalled the day when a social activist salvaged her and advised her to do something remarkable with life. Her voice was clogged as she was dumbfounded with the emotions.

With trembling voice, she replied, “To my destiny”.

The brothel’s owner slapped her tightly and yelled “Get up and be ready! Your dreams won’t provide you food”. She smiled and promised herself "I will make it true".

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