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Dream Of A Caged Bird

Dream Of A Caged Bird

2 mins

Mahesh! Don't be so consumed by the lies you are saying to yourself.

If you want to try there is always been a chance.

Shashank is an old friend of mine who knows I love writing.

Whenever he asks me what am I doing with my life I simply answer I don't have time after job.

I mean it. Literally, I work 12 hours per day. Even on weekends, I spend time busily with office works.

One day Shashank argued with me about my interest to become a writer. He has asked me only one thing. 

Mahesh, 12 hours you are working for your boss. Your company. 

Can't you work for your dream at least an hour per day? I became silent.

He said at least try to write one hour a week. Do not regret after some years by saying, I should have spent my twenties reasonable.

He also gifted me " I know why the Caged Bird Sings ".

   Maya Angelou inspired me a lot to write about kindness, love, and hope.

Whenever I felt I got one hour's time, I have started writing. In Six months I have completed my first book and self-published it on Amazon.

I was released from anxious moods easily when I write something.

Shashank bought my first copy of my book and reviewed it on Amazon.

His words always ignited my thoughts to be focused and disciplined.

Sometimes I feel blessed to choose the decision of writing my thoughts. I feel there is a Caged bird in me who dreamt of freedom and love. It found freedom through writing.

It made grow day by day. It has given me a chance to inspire someone through my writing.

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