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Republic Day Sale: Grab up to 40% discount on all our books, use the code “REPUBLIC40” to avail of this limited-time offer!!

Erwien Linga

Horror Fantasy Thriller


Erwien Linga

Horror Fantasy Thriller



4 mins

Timmy gripped the shovel tighter. He dug a grave for Zion. Zion had been found dead in his home. Traces of blood had been found. He was probably bitten to death by a wild beast.

 He had almost dug the hole deep enough. The moon lit up the area. Sweat ran down his forehead. The hole got deeper and deeper. It was a warm night. His hands hurt, but he ignored the pain. The ground was covered with withered leaves. The wind was blowing gently. Zion was dead. It was a death for which no one could explain. Timmy was the only one who was concerned about Zion. He was wet with sweat. He was ready and put Zion in the hole. Zion would find eternal rest. Timmy closed the hole and walked away. He had buried Zion in the forest. He couldn't buy a chest for him because he didn't have the money for it. Leaves rustled gently in the wind. Moonlight penetrated the leaves.

 Six nights later ...

 It was cold in the forest. The trees that were near Zion's tomb had dried up. No animals came near his grave.

 The sand was churned and a hand came out. The hand had long claws and was white. A head rose from the ground. Yellow eyes lit up the dark night. A dracula rose from the tomb. The dracula walked on four legs and had teeth as long as pencils. He raised his head in the air and roared. Birds flew up in alarm. The dracula jumped and began to run. Moonlight reflected in his eyes. The dracula wanted to taste blood. Human blood. He longed for the taste of blood. Won't it be wonderful to rip a human to pieces and eat it tasty? Blood will be delicious. Human blood. The dracula went to the village. He would get revenge on the person who killed him. He didn't care how many people would die before he caught his killer. Anyone who gets in his way, he will rip to pieces and leave for the vultures.

 Timmy just kept awake. He couldn't sleep and was tempted to go to the cemetery. His body seemed to want to go to Zion's tomb on its own. He got up and walked to the window. A large shadow flashed past and he was terrified. What was that ? What animal was that? He didn't know what animal it was. It had run off at a high speed, so he decided not to go.

 The dracula tore a door off a house and threw it into the air. Inside he heard a man's voice say, "Who's there?"

 And then it was quiet for a moment.

 He stepped into the house and looked around. It was a luxuriously furnished living room with a 40-inch smart TV. A huge settee took up almost half of the living room. An expensive crown lamp hung from the ceiling. A clock ticked loudly every second. He pushed the mat aside and walked on. A man jumped in front of him with a sword and held it out. Ready to strike.

 “Get out of my house or I'll kill you!” He shouted.

 The dracula said nothing. Wasn't this man afraid of him. He had risen from the dead and turned into a dracula. This man didn't know what was fear.

 "I've risen from the dead little man. You won't be able to do anything against me and I like to eat human flesh. You know, I've never drunk blood. Your blood will be delicious if you didn't know that," said the Dracula and his split tongue brushed his lips.

 The man jumped up to the dracula and the beast clawed its head off without ease. His head was spinning through the air and the living room was smeared with blood. It was his first murder.

 The dracula seized the body without a head and ate it. As he suggested, human flesh was delicious to eat. Tasty.

 The dracula smashed a window and jumped out. He was hungry. Blood was the best thing there was.

 Timmy grabbed his sword and went out. He had heard his neighbor shout who is there and went to see what was going on. Presumably some thieves were with him. In the dark he just saw a big beast run away. The front door was open and he stepped inside. One window was broken and hung limply on the hinges. It looked like it had been hit by an ax.

 The whole living room was smeared with blood and on the floor was his neighbor's head with a sword and a few bones next to him. The head turned and smiled at him with bright white eyes devoid of irises and pupils.

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