Kiara Davis

Horror Thriller


Kiara Davis

Horror Thriller

Draco Haunted House: Part One

Draco Haunted House: Part One

7 mins

The year is 1956, in Galesburg Illinois. It's Halloween night and Galen isn't overly excited about Halloween like how he used to be. Ever since his older brother died 4 years ago from a hit and run accident, he just doesn't get excited anymore. 

 "Hey!" Mom skipped in and plopped next to me on the bed, "so, I was thinking we should do something fun tonight." " like what?" I said. She pulled out a flyer that said trick r treat night! I grabbed the poster to get a closer look and realized it says it's for children 5-10 years of age. I looked at mom "mom! this is for little kids!" She grabbed the flyer and looked at it " oh, you're that much older Hunny, remember when I use to take you and Kyler?" I'm 16 years old and Kyler would've been 20. I just gave me a look that reads really. She begins laughing and says " ok, ok, but you need to get out the house hun, I know it's been rough these last few years but you have to try". She was right, ky wouldn't want me to pout every year, especially since it's his favorite holiday. After he passed mom went into a deep depression, she didn't leave her room for 2 weeks straight and didn't eat. 2 years before Kyler died, dad was killed in some freak accident at work. So mom became a widow and had to raise 2 growing boys by herself, she started working 2 jobs, Secretary and part-time waitress. She started going to therapy 2 years ago and that seemed to help her a lot, she wanted me to go but Nah that's not my thing. I shook my head and said, "ok mom, you're right". She smiled and walked out of the room.

 I decided to call Josh, he's been my best friend since the first grade. He was there for me when ky passed. "Hello Mrs. September, is Josh home?" Mrs. September was considered the cool mom of the neighborhood, she always threw awesome parties for the holidays and always baked cookies for all the neighborhood kids. "Hey dear, just a sec!" A few seconds go by and I can hear Josh is already eating something, he's always eating but never gains a pound. "Hey, You!" He screams into the phone "What's up to Josh, I was wondering if we could do something tonight?" I can hear the excitement in his voice through the phone. " there's this new haunted house attraction called Mr. Dracen, have ya heard of it?" I tell him, no but then again I haven't really been keeping up with that kind of stuff in 4 years so. "Well, we have to go! If that's ok with you of course?" I tell him that it is and he says, "great I'll pick you up at 7:30 pm."

 Josh comes to pick me up as he said at 7:30 in his red cherry Mustang. I told mom that I'll back before 11 pm. I jumped in the car that smells like cheese fries.

" we're gonna have fun tonight boyyy!" He screams in my ear. Josh pretty much spent the whole day talking about this girl he's thinking of asking out. I tuned most of it out and way thinking about Ky. I was wondering if he was still here what would we do? Interrupted by my thoughts, Josh asked "so are you excited about this new attraction?" I looked at him slightly confuses "uh, attraction?" He shakes his head and says, have you heard anything I said?"

He continues " the new haunted house attraction is called Draco, it's owned by some new yorker or something," I thought to myself, what the hell is he doing our small town. Josh interrupted my thought again and said: "Hey I know you're used Ky doing things with but don't worry I'm going to make it a night you'll never forget!" He shouted with excitement.


We arrive at this haunted house and it was only a handful of ppl there waiting in line. 2 of them are my mom friend from her book club and the other is Lilianna. Lillianna was just the most gorgeous girl in town, she was in the drama club and math club. She wasn't like other girls, she wasn't phony or attention-seeking like the other girls.

Her mom sees us and calls us over to join them

" Hey, guys!" We both waved and joined them. " Hey, Galen," Lilianna said. I smile knowing looking like an idiot, I whispered "hey" 

Josh breaks the awkward tension by asking how excited is everyone, but before anyone can answer, a man walks out in a jet black suit, a top hat, and Purple eyeliner, he was the tallest man I've ever seen, he's at least 6'9 feet tall. He's very pale, like corpse pale. He stood there for a few seconds, then he said with a deep and menacing voice " welcome foolish mortals! You may think this is just some ordinary Halloween attraction but I promise it's so much more if you survive there will be great prizes" 

Josh looks at me with one eyebrow up while he's trying to hold back laughter, the man continued talking "It is the year 1869, Draco was the son a wealthy man, one day Dead or father was drunk while driving and hit an old gypsy woman, killing her. Panic-stricken, he drives away, not looking back. But what his father didn't know, is that the gypsy woman had a 14-year-old daughter who saw the whole incident, and she put a curse on Draco family, her words FOR THIS DAY, YOUR FAMILY SHALL PAY, FOR THIS LINEAGE SHALL BE GONE, BETTER WATCH OUT FOR YOUR SON" he continues. "Later that night, Draco, who's 16 years old is sleeping, his father arrives home and slumps on the couch". Josh leans over and says "they're good with the theatrics aren't they?" I nodded in response. The man continued the story " Draco began hearing voices in his sleep, it was the words of the young gypsy girl curse. Except for this time, he was hearing, "kill your father, kill your father.." Draco got up, went into the kitchen, and grabbed a butcher knife, walked slowly to his father, and put the butcher knife right into his father's head. "Blood splatter was everywhere, he returned to his bed and went back to sleep". The next day, Draco woke up and see that he's covered with blood all over his white and blue striped pajamas. The knife was sitting on the bed. Suddenly he hears a scream from the maid. He rushes down and sees his father in pieces. The maid soon sees Draco covered in blood and quickly runs out of the house. Panicky stricken, and knowing he could hang for his crimes, he goes back upstairs to his room, locks the door, and grabs the knife. He started to hear voices in his head say " do can see your father it". Suddenly sirens start pulling up in front of the house, the maid ran to the neighbor's house and they called the cops. Not wanting to be publically hanged, Draco takes the knife to his throat and dies immediately. Several people have moved in the house over the years but all have mysteriously died by weird circumstances. 


 There was dead silence and the man says in a deep ominous tone " so I will ask this once, Are you sure you want to proceed?" I look around and see that no one moves a muscle.

"Alright then follow me, foolish mortals"!

"This is going to be so fun!" Josh shouts. I'm not going to lie, I'm actually excited about this myself. We go through these two tall black gates with a gargoyle head on it. The driveway was long and was covered by Autumn leaves. It was a good 10-minute walk to the house. The house, the house was more like a castle, it looks like it could go on for miles. The outside of the house had a huge water fountain, it was a lion statue with water coming out the mouth and fresh flowers that the gardener probably planted. The actual house was grey with several stains, you can tell it's been around for a while. We reach the porch and the man stops and says "before we start, I suggest we stay together and no wandering off, you may just survive the night". He smiles and this time looks right at me, cold chills went up to my spine. It honestly felt like He was looking through my soul. He slowly turns back around, Josh pats my back "this is a night we're never going to forget!" And I don't know why but I just got an uneasy feeling about this.

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