Distant Yet Close

Distant Yet Close

1 min

A newly wedded bride celebrates her first Diwali in her new home. She is tensed and nervous as all the relatives and in-laws are gathering at her place for the family dinner and she wants to impress them. Chatting with her mom on the video call on her laptop she says, “Maa you have to help me, please share your recipes na and help me. I don’t want them to think I don’t know how to cook”.

And so she cooks as her mom guides her on the webcam. After the dinner, when everyone cannot stop complimenting her on the delicious food she had made, she speaks to her mom again on video call. “Thank you so much ma, for being distant yet so close. Everyone loved your recipe.”

“Beta, they loved your food because of the love you put in it, I only shared with you what my mom shared with me. Happy Diwali my love”

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