Aaradhya Barve (Marketing 20-22)

Thriller Children


Aaradhya Barve (Marketing 20-22)

Thriller Children



4 mins

This is a plot of a movie thought by me expressed in a story manner.

It was a fresh Saturday morning. Zach was busy playing video game on the couch when suddenly the alarm buzzed "PICNIC TIME, PICNIC TIME". Rachel woke up hearing sound of the alarm, gently ran her hands through Arthur's hair and whispered in his ears "Wake up dear, we gotta go" and left the bed, went towards the kitchen instructing Zach to go and wake up Emily. "Emily, hurry, wake up..., Mommy has set up the breakfast and don't forget to carry the swimsuit" shouted Zach running towards Emily room.

Emily was scratching her teddy's ear when she was moved by Zach's sudden scream, asking Arthur, "Dad is our room booked?" Arthur feeding Emily replied, yes, the confirmation message came last night only. " But we are not taking you along with us, if you do not keep the PSP aside and finish your breakfast," shouted Rachel.

Lowering the volume of the music playing in the car Rachel said, "Are we not going through the usual route," "Oh yaa ! I forgot to tell you last night that my colleague told me about this shorter route where we will also not face traffic."

Just a while after that, Emily shouted " Mom please stop the car. I want to use the washroom." Arthur stopped the car on a nearby petrol pump at a departmental store and asked Emily to go with mumma meanwhile I'll fill the tank.

After five minutes, when they returned to the car, there was no one, looked like the whole human race disappeared.

Rachel was in complete shock and told Emily to hurry up, sit in the car while she was running her eyes around but she saw no one. She hurriedly went to the driving seat, started the car and moved a few meters away from the petrol pump where she saw the broken PSP of Zach and stopped in shock. She picked up the PSP when she saw an uneven road leading towards the jungle. She ordered Emily to lock and hide herself in the car and not to come out in any case.

She started moving deep into the jungle and suddenly stopped when she saw Arthur lying under a tree with a large wound on his back out of which a lot of blood is flushing out. She was terrified and screamed " where is Zach". She supported Arthur by one of her shoulders and started moving towards the car.

Arthur in pain started narrating everything he went through to Rachel. He said," There is a group of psychos who are kidnapping innocent people, offering them a knife and forcing them to play a game in which they have to kill each other and the one who survives would be released,"

They reached the car and Rachel gave first-aid to Arthur. After a while, she asked Arthur to rest in the car and took the knife and said "I am going in search of Zach.

After following the same route, she saw a girl with a knife running towards her. Rachel screamed at the girl " I am not here to kill you, I am just looking for my son". They both started walking when they saw an isolated house at a distance. The girl Pointing towards the house, said " I think your son would be here'. Rachel asked the girl to wait and hide somewhere and started moving towards the house.

Rachel on entering the house and searching for a while saw Zach fully tied up through ropes. She hurriedly ran towards Zach and hastily started unfastening the ropes. Suddenly, someone came and hit her on the head.

In a frightened manner, she woke up to the voice, "PICNIC TIME, PICNIC TIME". She took a sigh of relief and whispered to herself, " Thank God! It was just a nightmare"

She got down the bed, moved towards the hall, calling Arthur, Emily and Zach and saw no one felt like the whole human race DISAPPEARED.

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