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Madhurima Sumant Asthana

Romance Drama


Madhurima Sumant Asthana

Romance Drama



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  When she thought things ended, she got a new beginning


Everyone has a love story and mine was no different but there were too many twists and hurdles at the same time. After I finished my 10th board exams my parents wanted me to join coaching so that along with my 12th, I could also prepare for my AIPMT exam. Trust me, I never wanted to be a Doctor. I was 17 when I first saw him, although I never believed in love at first sight but since then I realized that love can even happen at first glance too. I was a super cool girl whose ultimate aim was to just clear her exams and get settled in life but at the same time, Vivan was a super studious guy who wanted to clear his AIEEE and IIT entrance exam.

I was sent to Mahajan’s Coaching classes. They use to give coaching classes for IIT and AIPMT. The biology and Mathematics classes were separate for the 2 groups but Physics and Chemistry Classes were the same. Initially, I was the only student out there but slowly and steadily a group of my friends and other students joined there. The first week of my classes was really boring as I was the only one and being an extrovert and extra talkative person, I always wanted someone around me to talk to. After a week was over, there I was with more students and finally, he entered.

The first time I saw him, I was like how can a guy be so shy but I never realized that he never studied in a Coed. No sooner did he enter the class, he saw me, as I was sitting on the first bench and he had this smile on his face which I felt weird. Being an average student I always use to get scoldings from my teachers. But then well said by somebody, “Every dog has its day”.

We had this surprise test that weekend and somehow the topic was Periodic table which I was well versed with. I was the only person in the class who knew almost all the answers and that was the day when I and Vivan started talking. I made everyone cheat from my answer sheet. Since then Vivan and I became very good friends but I never had a clue of the feelings he had. I was really tomboy type and most of the guys of my coaching centre were scared but I certainly noticed this unusual behaviour of Vivan towards me.

I actually never even knew that he fell in love with me since he first saw me, until the day I was punished and I was standing outside my coaching class with tears in my eyes. He approached me and said I am sorry Ishika, I wish I could help you and he just kissed on my cheeks and he ran away. I was so furious that I wanted to slap him tightly. Maybe he knew my reaction and so he ran away. The next day when I came, I was eagerly waiting for him to slap on his face but he didn’t come to the class that day. Two days later I got to know that he met with an accident earlier that evening when he kissed me. I don’t know why all my anger just went off and I ran to the hospital. He was getting his discharge done. His father was standing next to him, I couldn’t gather enough courage and go inside. I just walked away.

The next day when he came to the coaching class, I went to him but before I could say anything he just hugged me and said I saw you yesterday. Why did you come to the hospital and if you were there why you didn’t come inside. I had no answer to his questions but for the first time, I didn’t want to slap him. Instead, when he was holding me there was this strange thing that I was feeling inside. I felt someone is tickling me inside the stomach. Suddenly I could feel the palpitations and I had my first kiss. I can never ever forget that day. Everything changed, my world just turned around. I never realized when 2 years had passed being with him and there we were attending our last coaching class. We decided to stay after the classes for a while. We had tears in our eyes. I thought I would never get to see him. This coaching class was the only source of our meeting.

Vivan never left a single moment to amaze me. I was going for my board exams and as soon as I got down from the school bus I saw Vivan standing, I was shocked. I was like “Vivan, the exam is about to start in some time, what the hell are you doing here”. He said, “nothing just wanted to see my lady luck”. He kissed me and left. My exam went really well. And like this our boards came to an end. Results were out and we had another challenge of life waiting for us, “The Entrance Exams”. As I was very confident I couldn’t clear my AIPMT but I went to study management from VIMHANS university and certainly, Vivan couldn’t clear his IIT but he got through AIEEE and got admission in Delhi. Our ways just parted.

But somehow after 5 months I managed to find his number and gave him a call. To my disappointment, Vivan was a changed person now. This frustration inside him of not clearing IIT mains had shattered him. However, I was happy because I never aimed big. Slowly our worlds started falling apart. I got to know from his friends, that he used to keep himself locked in his room after college hours. I tried a lot but couldn’t help. My management course was of 3 years only and soon I completed my graduation. Vivan and I by now had no contact with each other. Since I changed my number, I never knew if Vivan had tried calling me or reaching me out in these 3 years.

But there is something called destiny. Destiny had decided something else for us. I came to Delhi for my post-graduation and one day while shopping in a mall, I came across Vivan. The sight astonished me. Vivan was a complete change man. He was in his denim with a cool hair-cut, and the moment he saw me, he came and slapped me. Everyone was looking at us. I still didn’t know what the hell was happening. He then started, “are you crazy, like a fool I have been looking for you these years and you are here happily shopping”.

We grumbled on each other but after a long argument we settled down. We both were happy to have each other back. I entered my final year of post-graduation and Vivan completed his graduation and absolutely opposite happened with us. Where I was absolutely a non-studious girl, I became the topper of my batch and he being an over-enthusiastic boy became an average student. We both started working and Vivan decided to take me out for a date. I had the best evening of my life, this shy guy of mine was now a man who was so passionate about everything that he did. He made me feel as if I was a girl whom he can love in a thousand ways. 

But who knew that there was a dark morning after that beautiful evening. Next day when I got up, I received a call from my mother and she asked me to come home immediately. I got to know that my sister and my brother in law passed away in a car accident and that they want me to marry my brother-in-law’s younger brother because as per them we were family and we could take care of Kaya the only daughter of my sister. Actually I was not even asked for my wish, I was just told to do so. Immediately my court marriage proceedings were arranged and I was married. I didn’t even get a chance to talk to anyone alone. I wanted to cry out loud but there was no one to hear me out. I decided to delete all my social media id’s and changed my contact no. Before changing my contact no, I just dropped him a message that I have got married.

People called it happily ever after, but I knew it was the worst relationship that I was forced into. I couldn’t love the man I was married too. He was already divorced with another woman. And if I talk about Kaya, I never saw him even for a day lifting her up in his arms or loving her. I had lost all my beauty by now because when you are happy from inside, you look beautiful, you have a different shine and glow.

I remember when finally after 8 months of my marriage my mother came to see me and asked how have things been and that was the day when I told her that it's just going on. She asked me if I was happy and I told her that I have forgotten what happiness was and then I told her how I met Vivan and everything that I always wanted to share. All the tortures that I was facing in this bad marriage. She said had she made me marry Vivan he could have never loved Kaya the way Aditya does (my husband). I told her that Kaya was only getting a mother’s love nothing else. She didn’t accept this fact and said that this is my destiny and for Kaya, I have to bear with it.

I decided to make Kaya my life and thought that I would move on with her. One day when I was busy with shopping for Kaya, somebody called me from behind and I didn’t want to turn because even in these many years I didn’t forget his voice. It was Vivan. I thought I should be ready for another slap like last time. But to my amazement things were different. He hugged me and said sorry. He had tears in his eyes. I was like why such a behaviour. But later I got to know, that my friend Vidhi told him everything that I was going through. He somehow wanted me to escape from this but didn’t know how.

A few days later Kaya was playing and I was lost in my own world thinking about the past times of me and Vivan. Suddenly I heard a lot of noise and chaos around. When I ran to see, I realized that Vivan met with an accident while saving Kaya. He was unconscious and Kaya was in his arms. I was stunned to see it. I took Vivan to hospital and when he got up the first thing he asked me was how is Kaya. I told him that she is fine. While on the other hand, Aditya slapped Kaya for playing carelessly. He was worried that now he will have to bear all the hospital expenses of Vivan, but Vivan didn’t allow him to pay a penny. My mother was standing there looking at all this but she didn’t utter a word because you know how our Indian Society is.

While leaving from the hospital, Vivan held my hand and said that Ishika, I want to marry you and give life to you and Kaya that you deserve. Aditya didn’t say anything to him but slapped me. I looked at my mom, she still kept quiet. Vivan meanwhile held my hand and Kaya who never went to anyone came running and hugged Vivan. I decided that this is it. I just walked away with Kaya and Vivan. A few months later I divorced Aditya, which was again not an easy task but Vivan’s father was a great lawyer and helped me to do so and also helped me with Kaya’s custody and I married Vivan. I never thought that I would ever get Vivan back in my life but that day I realized one thing no one can take away, what God has planned for you. Things that are meant to be, happen at the right time.

A year later of me marrying Vivan, I was blessed with a baby boy. I had a perfectly complete family. My kids loved each other and no one could ever say that they were stepbrother and sister. Vivan also never differentiated. All these years, I never heard from my parents. They forgot my existence. I use to miss them but Vivan’s family was so good that they never made me feel like a third person in the family. They knew the value of relationships. They knew what love is.

All this long one question remained unanswered for me. What does really matter??? “The happiness of our kids or the rules of the society which unknowingly has been enforced by us”. Love has no boundary, no restrictions, no blood relations. Maybe a person whom you have just met can love you more than anyone in this world. Love doesn’t give you compulsions, boundaries, restrictions. Love sets you free, respects your feeling and gives you the power to be yourself. Love creates you, it doesn’t destroy you.

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