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Dear Sushant, And Dear You

Dear Sushant, And Dear You

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Dear Sushant,

It was back in 2009, that I got to hear your name for the first time as Manav was a heartthrob.

Being a kid, I didn't watch the show that much back then. You became one of my favorites when you participated in the celebrity dance show "Jhalak Dikhla Ja".

You were among people whom everyone wants to see happy and growing. From being a rank holder in AIEEE to excelling in cricket and a natural actor further, there was no looking back for you.

Your life just seemed perfect to everyone. The way you portrayed yourself, no one could guess that you could also be suffering somehow. 

In your last movie, you gave us a message of not giving up on life. And losing you is a clear indication of the fact, that sometimes the ones who take care of everyone also need to be taken care of. 

The examples of your kind gestures and empathetic behavior are countless. Everyone has witnessed them.

None of us can understand the frame of mind in which you took that step even if we knew the reason and story behind it. But certainly, we could have asked you not to give up just one more time.

May your soul rest in peace.

Dear You,

Yes you, the one reading this right now. Please look after the people around you. Most of them are roaming around with hidden depression that you might never be able to figure out. If someone comes to you to talk, don't push them away. Don't ask him to BE A MAN. Don't ask her to BEHAVE AND NOT CRY. 

Let them talk and throw out whatever they have in them. Sometimes what might seem very little to you, can be the reason for quitting for another one. So be empathetic. Be a listener. Be there for the ones who need you. 

And if you are the one going through the same, DO NOT QUIT. You have no idea how many people draw hope and energy to survive from you. Anyone would love to help you instead of attending your funeral. Understand this. This is the one life that we have. It certainly seems like having more downs than ups. Talk it out. There exist way more people than you can imagine who would always prefer seeing you living happily.

Reach out to people when in need.

Stay at peace, happy, and blessed. 

Lots of love,


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