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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Nanduri Hari Priya

Drama Romance Inspirational


Nanduri Hari Priya

Drama Romance Inspirational

Dead Angel

Dead Angel

3 mins

Piya was a charming, passionate individual, she is very friendly and trusts too soon. Her friendly nature got her in trouble plenty of times. She was quite an attention seeker. Despite all things, she was a“Beauty with Brains" 

Sometime back in Past….

Piya was hired for a reputed firm then, the days were colorful. She felt as if she got wings to roam around the world, chase her dreams, and achieve an identity for herself. Hard did she realized that people in the other world are not like her. The biggest nightmare for her was to stay away from home.

Though it was hard, she knew deep down it would all be worth it. With a heavy heart, she departed to her posting location.

A colorful world, hostel life, parties, and shopping it was all new to her. Her happiness didn't last long enough. People there were a lot different, she seemed like an alien amongst the so-called “The Cool” gang. She got ignored, bailed on what not! Things were slowly getting over her head. 

Night calls with family, crying alone in showers, and slowly she felt isolated.

Then comes the twist in the tale, She met Rohan. Not so happening guy of the town but still managed to be an eye stealer. Well-groomed and polite. Days passed by with coffee dates, movies, parties. She was quite happy and smiling. On an unfortunate day, both departed their ways for work. Different companies, locations it was quite hard for them to take out a ME time for a day.

Days changed weeks and weeks to months. Piya started to feel lost and unheard of. She pleaded Rohan for time out and visit her. He was quite busy and could hardly take time out for her.

Meanwhile, Piya started to feel stuck with her emotions. That joyous girl turned silent off suddenly. Rohan seems not to care and ignored her when she needed him. He chose work over her and let her deal with her bad times. Slowly she sank in depression. Lately, Rohan realized that Piya started to lose her feelings for him. His Panic mode was triggered and became so possessive that he started to make her life hell.

Amidst the turbulence, she tried to maintain her cool. Started to meet new people, exploring new places, shopping, taking care of her. Life seems to have surprises waiting for her. Rohan started harassing her family in her absence. Things just seem uncontrollable. Piya was so depressed she can't tell her parents about Rohan nor to her friends. She suffered in silence.

Those would be the darkest days in anyone's life. She started to hurt herself, her health deteriorated and she was on medics. Still, she tried to explain Rohan about her situation it seemed that he hardly cared for her. An unfortunate day, she surrendered to situations and emotions that took the best of her resulting in her taking a drastic step in taking her own life. That would have been the end of her story! If that Angel would not arrive and saved her. As the ancient myth says, Time heals everything. Days just passed by, Piya was sick of the place and people around her and she chose to be back to her people. What she knew more troubles await her behind the curtains.

The Family she owned were against her, she was left alone. People who knew her started questioning her ethics. Her dignity was lost in the stories. For every girl, her dad would be a hero. 

That hero was part of the crowd. She struggled, She cried but nothing was heard. She blamed a one-sided society and chose to live despite challenges. Only with a tiny hope that Time is the answer for everything.

The innocence of her seems to be lost, she remained untouched by the negativity around. She learned to hide her pain behind those plastic smiles. By looks she might be an Angel though remained a “Dead Angel” Inside.

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