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Daisy - A Ray Of Sunshine

Daisy - A Ray Of Sunshine

6 mins

Ayush is a medical student who is pursuing his last year of MBBS at Pune. He is very intelligent and smart, yet kind and humble in his behaviour. He is extremely dedicated to fulfilling his dream of becoming a doctor and helping people at their most vulnerable. After completing his internship he is likely to get the opportunity to work with highly qualified doctors. After living as a PG for a few years, he recently moved to an apartment which is a little away from his college. His parents visited him to make all the arrangements in the new house. But once his new apartment was all set, they had to go back to their home. Ayush is now staying alone, entirely busy in his college and books.

After a long day at his college, one evening he was caught with cold and fever. He took the prescribed medicine and thought of resting for some time. So, he lay down on his bed, but he couldn’t sleep due to the noise coming from downstairs. He made some coffee for himself and went in his balcony to see from where the noise was coming. There he saw, some kids playing in the park right below his house. As he was living on the first floor, he could clearly see and hear children’s playing, screaming and shouting. As he was sick he was missing his family very much, but the presence of children and other families in the garden made him feel better. He started spending time in his balcony for relaxing. He watched the children playing. He remembered his childhood days when he was doing fun and mischiefs with other kids.

The other day he noticed a very pretty girl in a blue dress with two small ponies, holding a lady’s hand walking on the garden’s pavement. He tried to look at her face but he could not due to other passersby around her. One evening while coming from the library, Ayush accidentally happened to meet her. Her face was just like a cute little doll dressed in a red and white dress with a beaded bow headband and red shoes. Ayush was in a hurry that day, so he didn’t stop by. His exams were right ahead, and he was busy preparing for it. He never wasted his time on things that took him away from his goal. And as his exams were approaching, he just wanted to concentrate on his education.

He was under a lot of pressure that he completely forgot about everything. He worked really hard for his exams to get his desired rank. After a month, his exams were over and he had a sigh of relief. He was free of all the pressure and tension. He even went to movies and partied with his friends. After his post-examination celebrations, when he returned back to his home, he thought of that little charming girl. He quickly went to his balcony to look for her. As he was looking around the garden, he got a call from his Mom asking him to return home for a few days but he wanted to stay more. By the time he finished his call, he saw that little girl with her maid in the garden. He was delighted to see her.

So he went downstairs to meet her. He went close to her and asked, “What is your name?” She softly replied, “My name is Daisy.” He whispered in his heart, “What a pretty little girl, just as beautiful as her name.” He then asked her maid, “Whose daughter she is and where did she live?” She replied, “She is the daughter of Mrs Kulkarni who lives in the next building.” After talking for a while, he gets to know that the little girl met with a horrible accident a few days back. Small pieces of glass got into her eyes and retina of her right eye was damaged. Her vision is badly affected and it’s difficult for her to see things clearly. Ayush was shocked to hear about Daisy’s eye condition. He knew how life would be without seeing anything in this whole world. Loss of vision at any age could bring loneliness, helplessness and depression. And a little girl who is yet to see the beautiful creation of God, who has hardly lived her life, is going through such a difficult time. He was saddened on hearing about Daisy.

Ayush looked agitated and he asked, “Why didn’t they perform the surgery? He, in an angry voice, added, “How can her parents be so careless?” But he was shocked to know the real truth. The maid replied, “Sir, this horrible accident took away Daisy’s Dad and her Mom is in trauma. There is no one to take care of this girl.” “Her Mom is trying to get out of this incident and arranging money for her daughter’s eye surgery.” Ayush could understand her situation, and as a medical student, he knew that the money shouldn’t be a constraint.

Ayush was a soft-hearted person and he always loved to spend time with kids. He believes that children are a bundle of joy. They spread around immense happiness; they are faithful, loyal, and are the purest form of Love. His loving attitude brought him near Daisy and now he was becoming a fan of Daisy’s cuteness. After knowing Daisy’s condition, he decided to help her. He stayed there for a few more days by convincing his parents and went to meet Daisy’s mother.

Mrs Kulkarni was all alone after her husband’s tragic death and was in need of support. No relatives were there to help her, to support her, or to guide her. Ayush stood by her side as a younger brother to her. He got detailed information about the hospital and the doctor who can perform the surgery on Daisy. He also said that he’ll be there to help her and Daisy whenever needed. Daisy’s mom thanked Ayush. She further told him that she is arranging for money and is completing all legal paperwork.

Daisy’s surgery date was scheduled after four days. She was admitted to a well-known Hospital. Ayush was there to give her the needed support. Ayush's support was very much needed to Daisy’s Mom. Her surgery was performed by one of the best doctors in the city, and it was successful. Daisy’s eyes were saved. Now, she will be able to see clearly with both her eyes just like any other child. Her mom was glad and thankful to God and Ayush. And Ayush was feeling the happiness that Daisy brought into his life.

In today’s world, where love and care towards other humans are vanishing, a young guy who comes from a medical field is kind-hearted and caring towards strangers. He not only helps them to come out of the situation but also stands beside them and becomes their strength. He could feel the pain of the Kulkarni family. If he wished he could not have interfered, but that would have made him inhumane. But he chose to lend his helping hand to a little girl Daisy to get her vision and gaze at this beautiful and colourful world. Daisy was a ray of sunshine for Ayush. She inspired him to keep going no matter how many obstacles you face. Daisy must have been going through so much pain and itchiness when her eyes were hurt, but she didn’t complain. She was small, though she did her part. She was always there with her Mom, giving her all the love and support.

Ayush visited his parents but was poured with plenty of questions. He just smiled and thought, “I was with my ray of sunshine. A small little girl who took my heart and at last she gave me contentment of being a good human being.” This satisfaction and mental happiness can be attained by helping others. Always keep yourself ahead in helping others.

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