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Abstract Drama

An Essence of Love Pihu...

An Essence of Love Pihu...

8 mins

On one dark and rainy night when all were asleep in their rooms, I was waiting for my dear husband 'Sashwat' to return from work. I was moving around in my balcony and gazing at the road that was wet. I tried calling him a few times but he wasn't answering to any of my calls or texts. Lots of questions were streaming in my mind. I was becoming restless as he hadn't come yet. I started twisting my fingers and my eyes were constantly staring at the clock. It was 23:30 almost midnight and the rain had taken a halt. It was just drizzling when I could see a light flashing far away on the road. As the light came closer, I realized there's someone on the bike coming towards my house. Alas! It was him. I was so happy now and relieved too. I could see him coming but he wasn't alone. His close friend

"Jogi" had come to drop him. But there was something in his hands wrapped up in a soft cloth. I wondered what it could be. It had been more than fifteen minutes they both were having a chat downstairs, but my curiosity was growing at high. Finally, he comes upstairs in our room and asks me to bring a chair quickly. Immediately I pull the chair from the study table and as I was just about to ask, what he was holding in his hand, he soon takes off the cloth. And to my surprise, a small beautiful and colorful bird was in front of me. The first word I uttered was “Awww, it is so pretty.” Soon my mind struck and I asked him why he brought the birdie here, that too so late in the night. But his excitement was beyond words, he was so happy and it was clearly seen from his smile. He exclaimed with joy, “ from now onwards he is our family member.” For a few seconds, I really got happy but soon I said NO. He didn’t like my answer and must have thought that I am being rude and harsh.

It isn't that I don’t like pets. I love both animals and birds are always lovelies, but when it comes to nurturing them, I think I may not be able to look after them. It’s not my cup of tea. No doubt, I live in a big family and there are others to look after, but if I take the decision and commit, then it is fully my responsibility. Actually, I didn’t want to be unfair to this beautiful bird as I was not confident of myself. My son who was deep asleep was awake on hearing our conversation. He got from his bed and saw this little angel. His eyes were shining with joy on looking at the bird. He started playing and caressing the lil bundle of joy. My husband said that this birdie was gifted by his friend and still if I am not comfortable keeping him, he will return him the next evening. But it seemed that will never happen. As the cute baby bird was going to stay in our room, I arranged his cage near the window. Then I turned off the air conditioner as I wasn't sure whether he could live in cold temperature or not. Later, I covered his cage from three sides and left open from the front. I too kept some water in a small cup and some grains, which were sent by his friend.

It was one of those nights when I could hardly sleep. Every few minutes I would check on the little bird to make sure she was feeling okay. It was already dawn in no time. I wake up my dear hubby and tell him, "we are keeping the birdie." He was overjoyed on hearing my reply and his face was glowing with happiness. And now, it was the time for a surprise for the rest of the family. I introduced the new one to my other family members. For some it was more of a shock and they asked a series of questions. Some of them approved and others rejected, but finally everyone accepted it, and that made me more confident in keeping the bird. Now it was one of the hardest part. It was time to name him. Everyone suggested me a list of names and even the children's in my family are super excited to guess names, but the only name that came to mind and heart was ‘Pihu’.

I wasn't much aware about birds and their habitats as I never had any bird pet before, though I have lived with dogs and I am quite familiar with their nature. Keeping this bird and looking after him was my first time. I did everything that was needed for the bird to settle in a new place. Early morning I took him out from the cage and left him free for some time in my balcony. Then giving his food, water, cleaning his cage, keeping tiny toys was my daily routine. After a few days passed, I got worried that birds usually flies and this one is still not flying. I asked my hubby to meet his friend or else talk to a doctor. He replied saying Pihu is adjusting here give him some time and he will start to fly in his cage. The same thing was bothering me even after few days. During the day, I took him out of his cage three to four times to play with him and give him some free time from his cage. In early morning and noon when I clean his cage, at the evening on my sofa or big table and at night on my bed. I kept saying to my child that once she starts flying, it will be difficult for us to take him out of his cage. But soon I realized that there is some problem and she cannot fly higher. So I arranged some paper slide for him and also made slide and jump from the pillow.

Life was fun when Pihu was around as she had spread the colors of happiness around us. To know more about Pihu, I had to research a lot on Google, I visited different sites and watched YouTube videos on how to raise a budgie bird. Yes!!! it was budgie bird. I was told that it is ‘bajri’ so I studied everything related to him.

One day one of my close relative passed away so I had to go to Udaipur to attend the last rituals. And meanwhile my husband had an important meeting at Bangalore and so he had to travel. We decided to keep Pihu from where we got him for couple days. It was Jogi's house and he already had three to four budgie birds and two parrots at his home. We were assure that he will look after Pihu as he loves birds and takes immense care in upbringings of the birds. But we didn't want to keep Pihu away for a long time at his place, so we decided that Sashwat will be back the next evening by flight and bring him back to our house. I had to live a day longer than him so was satisfied that my husband will bring him back.

After three days I arrived home late night and just ran to see Pihu in my room but couldn't find him. I knew my husband was hiding something from me. "I told you to bring Pihu as soon as you are back but still you haven't brought him." I urged him to go quickly and bring Pihu back. For a while he was not able to answer and said that its too late and the family might have slept. I'll bring him tomorrow. Unfortunately, I had no other option but to wait for the morning. So we go to bed but after some time Sashwat can’t control his emotions and said in a low voice that Pihu has left us forever. It was heartbreaking to hear those words. I was unable to accept the fact that Pihu is no longer with us. I was too angry at him and started yelling. "It's been just three days I wasn't here but you got back in a day and could have got Pihu home." I asked him, "why didn't you bring him back?" Lots of questions and millions of thoughts were popping in my head. We both were saddened and the pain of loosing him was more deep for both of us. I could not understand the reason how it could have happened. Sashwat told me that as soon as he came from the meeting, he went to get Pihu back home. But unfortunately, he couldn't meet him. He had to control his feelings then.

We both burst into tears with emotions. I felt as if my little baby of just two months had left me and I am not aware of the reason for his death. My husband yelled angrily on Jogi and didn’t speak to him for quite some time. This incident had hurt my son too, as he was always there to look after him rain or shine. After a month, Sashwat met Jogi at a social gathering. While talking to him, he said that the bird was very attached to Bhabhi and he could not bear the separation. The bird had stopped eating food and water. This reason was very unrealistic. And how indirectly his life depends on me and that he could not survive for two days without me. The change of place, atmosphere, people, everything may be the cause, but it was just for two days. And the very next evening my hubby went to pick him. Does a bird who doesn't drink or eat for a day die? Or mere the fear of abandoning him made my Pihu lose his life.

But deep within my heart, I felt that his love and attachment for me was stronger and deeper than mine, which made him very special. It's been six months already, and life was getting back to normal gradually. And one day someone special comes back to our life to fill the missing space. It was a Labrador!!! No doubt it shouldn't be compared but my mind says this is Pihu again who came into my life.

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