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Creation Of Woman

Creation Of Woman

2 mins

God's perfect recipe of a woman & a gift to Mankind

In the beginning of Life's creation, when Twashtri (the Divine Artificer) came to the creation of woman, he found that he had exhausted all his materials in the making of Man and that no solid elements were left or available for making Woman.

Not knowing what to do, he decided to meditate for some time for finding some solution to the vexed problem.

After profound meditation, he woke up with a start and realised that he had the perfect recipe for making a woman. He then set upon collecting all the ingredients and put them one by one in the mythical pot of creation. He then compounded (mixed) all these ingredients together with continuous stirring and finally made a WOMAN. He then gifted her to MAN!

Do you want to know the recipe? Okay, I shall reveal to you the ingredients which were employed for making a woman. 

The Divine Artificer took the following ingredients for the making of Woman:

● the rotundity of the moon,  

● the curves of the creepers, 

● the clinging of tendrils,

● the trembling of grass,

● the slenderness of the reed, 

● the bloom of flowers, 

● the lightness of leaves, 

● the joyous gaiety of sunbeams,

● the weeping of clouds,

● the fickleness of the wind,  

● the sweetness of honey,

● the softness of rose petals,

● the fury of hell, 

● the warm glow of fire,  

● the coldness of snow.  

"O Woman, how can I show my gratitude and appreciation to the ONE who has created you with perfection? If He is the creator, you are the recreator and a gift to Mankind"!

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