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Conquering All The Grounds

Conquering All The Grounds

4 mins

Jackie was the only son of the multimillionaire Maheshwari's. Jagat or Jackie as he was called was a decent boy with an aim to earn a name in mountain climbing. Everything was proper in his life, he completed his college, joined his father's company and married the love if his life Mahi. Mahi loved Jackie more than anything else in the world, but after six years of marriage, she had to leave Jackie and his family.

With tears in her eyes and suitcase in one hand, Mahi left Jackie's house despite Jackie trying every possible effort to stop her. She was tired of Jackie now.

It all started when Jackie met an accident a day before he was about to go on a Mount Everest with a team. He had successfully completed the training and his bags were packed. He was so excited, It was like a dream come true. All came to an end when he had a terrible accident was confined to a wheelchair.

Since childhood, Jackie always wanted to hold the tag of being a Mount Everest climber. His first love was mountains. This situation gave him a shock and he was not ready for it. In the hospital, he was given medical affiliated drugs to handle the pain. After coming out he was restless. The pain was unbearable to him. The day he saw the news on T.V. about the team that he was about to accompany reached the Everest, and their picture with an Indian flag on top, He was shattered to pieces.

That was the first day he took drugs. He somehow managed to get the drugs from a peddler he knew, who suggested him to take a little treat just ones, and then it became a routine. Now he was a drug addict. Mahi was well aware of the situation but she had a faith that when he will be recovered from wheelchair his addiction will end. Every time he would go to that peddler or contact him, he would give him, his little treat.

Finally, that day came when he was recovered from the wheelchair, but his addiction didn't end. Instead of focusing on the Everest expedition, he was diverted towards drugs only. He started spending a large sum of money on Heroin, Cocaine and what not. He would stay high every time, and would even fight with Mahi if she tries to talk to him about drugs.

"It is not good honey, please leave it for me. This thing is separating us. You know only cowards take these means to satisfy themselves." Mahi pleaded.

"Oh Innocent poor woman, You know nothing. It is called chasing the dragon. Only the people with high stamina and strength can take it." Jackie said pushing her away.

Mahi tried her best to his her husband but failed miserably and at last, left him.

The day Mahi left Jackie was hardest for him, even his drugs were not able to relax him. He finally decided to leave the drugs.

His tried with a small goal and decided not to take drugs for one day, he even threw everything in the dustbin. But by evening he was restless, sweating and craving for drugs badly. He was compelled to dig the dustbin and take drugs of it. At night he cried on his helplessness.

He even joined a rehab camp but ran from there in five days. He tried Yoga, Meditation, Councillor everything, nothing worked.

Finally, he saw a message of Mahi -

"Dear Jackie,

I miss you, but I have decided to leave India, and I will never tell you where I am going. We will never be able to meet each other. But this story can have a different ending if you try. If you promise me to leave drugs, I will come back to you

Love Mahi"

He tried explaining Mahi a lot of things, but Mahi didn't reply to any of his messages. Finally this time with full determination he joined a high-security rehab camp in Australia. His days there were hardest. He would puke, would feel his body heating up someday and on the another, he would feel as if he is in ice-cage. He would sweat, ran here and there, tried even hurting his own self. But nothing calmed him.

Soon after three months, he was back to normal. He was discharged from the Rehab camp with a certificate stating him as a completely healthy person and advice not to take drugs now. The first thing he did after coming back was sending the drug peddler behind the bars. He cleaned his house destroying every possible drug. Next thing he knew, he joined a Gym.

After a few months, he even went on an Everest expedition and returned with flying colors. Mahi returned to her the day she saw the news.

He was satisfied now, he had conquered all the evil grounds in his life and achieved his dream. With the memorial in one hand and Mahi's hand in another, now he knew his life was complete.

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