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D Thanughna

Drama Romance Others


D Thanughna

Drama Romance Others



4 mins 242 4 mins 242

That very first early morning, those brown hairs flying with the speed of the wind and the dark lined sharp eyes attracted me towards them in the temple near the bus stand. The moment I saw her everything around me was serene. It might be because of the devotional vicinity. Her pink dupatta with the golden border was elegantly matching with the green shade of her Kurti and the French braid open brown hairs were freshly washed and smelled pleasant. Her nails were painted red and perfectly twinned the ankle length legging she wore. A very calm and pretty lady with a bunch of flowers in the basket she holds in her right waved her left hand towards me. In almost a shock for one second, I peeped into my brain to investigate whether I met this lady in my past and in a reply waved her back. She was none other than my first school secret crush. She came to the town nearly after ten years and I was able to recognize her, this was a big thing for a person who generally forgets the names of the people he met a couple of weeks ago. Luckily I remember her, if she knew that I had to think for a second to recollect who she was, she would kill me with her cursing words on the spot. She is brutally honest and as pure as the driven snow.

I literally fell for her there and then even after a long gap of about ten years. After a quite long talk about career, works, family, love stories, memories and flashbacks we did decide to have our breakfast together at her house. The poha her mother makes is always delicious and for my every meet at her house, her mother tried out varieties with poha. Not only my first secret crush she was my only female best friend of school time too. The best friend who troubled me but completed my notes by herself. That best friend who knew that I hate Upma and exchanged my lunch box with hers every time I brought it. That innocent and cute chocolate lover always won my heart with her tricks.

On the auspicious day of Holi, I did decide to tell her everything hidden in me. With no preparation just to talk to her openly, I waited so long for her to come to the ground where we all play with colours but with the disappointment of her absence I pressed the doorbell of her house.

" Hey, come in ", she said

entering into the hall with red colour in my palm I asked her, "Why didn't you come to the ground?"

handling me a glass of water she answered, "What is so special?"

keeping the glass filled with water on the table in front I said," Don't act foolishly. You know it's Holi today. Why didn't you come?"

"I stopped playing with human colours from six years", she replied.


" A long story will tell some other day. Is there anything else you want to say?"

" Yes! Something very very important."


"Listen to me calmly, I have feelings for you. Since school days you were my secret crush and after ten years when my eyes met yours, you still flattered my heart. I don't know how to prolong it anymore; I just wanted to let you know what I feel for you. Your decision is yours and I respect it."

"Hey, I can't come along with you. To be honest, I can't risk your life. I stopped playing with human colours from six years because I lost the ability to identify them. I'm a colour blind. The only colours I know are black and white…"

before she could complete her explanation I spoke," Stop criticizing yourself. You might not see all the colours physically but you see them and you represent each of them in your life. The innocent and cute nature in you represents the calm colour pink. The love towards nature in you represents the colour green. The devotion in you represents the godly colour blue. The sharp and bright mentality of yours represents the colour yellow. The anger in you represents the wild colour red. Every colour in this universe represents every emotion of human life. I loved the colourful you and according to me, you are still as colourful as before. My only request is never make yourself under-confident, never criticize your negatives, no one is perfect, the only thing you need to know is to live with your imperfections in a perfect way."

These words of mine made a big impact on her and she herself took a pinch of the red powdered colour from my palm and rubbed it to my chin.

Every colour in this universe is related to us and the celebration of the festival of colours is a celebration of human emotions. And every emotion is important. Let's peep inside ourselves and try to figure out the colourful souls present in us and let them live freely.

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