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Jalaj Dubey

Horror Tragedy Thriller


Jalaj Dubey

Horror Tragedy Thriller

Cold Night

Cold Night

4 mins

It was an October night after one whole day of traveling it was time to reach my destination.

The night was all dark filled with cold silent breeze of air.

It was smoggy out there as well and it was difficult to see past few meters.

I reached out to grab the old gate of the house where I am supposed to spend the coming weekend.

The house which is located near the edge of this new society in the outskirts of the city.

But the house has been there for many years it was owned by my friend's

dad. The house was a 3 BHK duplex with decent architecture and spacious rooms.

So, I grabbed and opened the gate

It was cold and had water droplets all over it. And as I opened it the gate squeaked a little bit.

I moved forward to open the lock on the front door.

 But the lock was covered with a thick layer of dust and it seemed like dust had jammed the mechanism of the lock. But after some five minutes of struggle, I finally managed to open it and got into the house.

And after freshening up I went straight to the bedroom of the ground floor. The room was quite large and It was well-maintained.

The bedroom had one window that faced towards under construction apartment building of the grand society.

I opened the window and the cold breeze flew in. It was very quiet out there and air was fresh too with little to no pollution in it.

Now it was bed time, and I was dead tired. 'I should sleep now' I thought.

And went sleep

(2.45 a.m.)

I woke up with a faint sound of someone falling.

So, I got off my bed turned on the porch lights and went outside the front door to check but found nothing.

'Well I guess it was just a dream', I thought. 

I went back to my room tucked myself in and as I was about doze off I saw a dim light in one of the windows of the under-construction building.

And as I saw it the light moved to the window of the floor above it. And then moved above further until it reached the terrace and then it disappeared.

This was something that caught more than my attention. I moved closer to the window to see it more clearly.

But the light was gone while I was busy peeping out of the window I heard a dragging sound. I was coming from the first floor of my duplex. I froze for a moment there.

I have not been to the first floor of this house and didn't have any reasons to go either until now.

It was about 3 a.m. in the clock and there was still a lot of night left pass.

The sound of dragging was linear in direction it always followed same path from the window of my room to my door. And while all these things were happening the time seemed like it has stopped.

I was terribly scared by now but I decided not to go up to check as whatever it was, it was up there and I felt I am safer this way. And I only had to wait till the dawn break and then I could leave.

So, I closed my room's window and turned on the lights. But the sound was still there. So, I grabbed my backpack took out my headphones and started listening to the music. I connected my powerbank to phone as well to make sure that my phone is fully charged.

After a while I felt relaxed and I went back to sleep.

(6.30 am )

Woke up by the loud sound of my weekday phone alarm.

But the room was unusually dark and it was hard to see anything

I turned on my phone's flashlight.

Saw it only had 5% battery.

'Well I connected it to the powerbank'

I thought but the powerbank was discharged too.

I got off the bed and as stepped on the floor it felt all dusty as I moved around to check my bagpack I noticed the window.

It was without the glass panel and it had solid iron bars on it. Which was strange but soon it struck me and my blood ran cold.

'This was not the room I slept in'.

'And it was not just one night it was the whole weekend'....


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