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Clutter In Your Home & Head

Clutter In Your Home & Head

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Clutter in your home and in your head.

Yesterday on my daily phone call to my friend Hassina we were talking about the fact that I finally cleaned out my own kitchen.

If you follow me you know that I own a professional organization and personal assistant business. But like in life sometimes you get so caught up. You're like the shoemaker whose kids have no shoes...sorry dinosaur reference.

You get what I mean, after organizing everyone else's home who wants to come home and do my own. Now if you look at my house you would think I was Perfectly Organized but just don't open my drawers or if you do you may want to jump back first before something falls out on you.

Anyway back to our discussion, since I went home recently I helped her organize her house. She said how now the clutter feels gone in her head, not just in her house. How she feels like she can breathe again and she is happy to come home to a house that is peaceful and clutter-free.

She went on to say that it is like the clutter in your head, if you don't address it, it just gets worse. If you pretend you don't have a problem or you're trying to run away from your problems, they build-up, and eventually, something has to give. 

You may start overspending or overeating, maybe alcohol or drugs are your thing of choice, whatever it is, the issues that you're running away from will only get worse until you can no longer breathe. 

We all need to deal with our issues whether it be in our homes or in our heads. If you can't do it on your own, get help. I understand what it's like for my clients to get overwhelmed and that they don't know where to start. The same goes for your mental health, sometimes you need professional help and that's okay, that is why we are out here, professionals who do this every day and are here to help.

There's nothing wrong with saying I need help, clearing out your head and your home will make you feel better. It will give you perspective on your life, it will teach you ways to deal with what's going on and how to make it better. I can't tell you how many clients told me how clear their heads felt after I finished organizing their homes. This is a mind-body connection, the space you live in and how it looks and feels affect your mental health. 

Your mental health if you're not taking care of dealing with your issues affects your physical health. This is one big circle and only you can fix it. 

So today my friends remember the old saying you are what you eat? You are also the junk in your head and the junk in your home. And like I ask all of my clients how do you want your home to feel? It should be a peaceful place of refuge from the world. A calming place where you can relax and unwind. This goes for your mind if you have too much junk that you haven't dealt with you will never find the peace you are searching for. So go..clean out your home, clean out your mind you won't believe what a difference it will make, trust me I know.

"Be the change you want to see"


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