Chase For Answers.

Chase For Answers.

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They say, chase your dreams. You are my dream. Nights are rolling as if the sun is on the elevator to catch him up.

And the days I live are in search of you. Yet, failing to grab the courage to focus into those eyes that I want to spend my whole life with.

EVERY TIME THE PILLOW goes below my head and make bed to sleep, there is this tiny myself slide-showing how you looked today. Making me face my reflection and record the reaction how hesitant I was; otherwise who would freeze that smile behind the eyelids, to light the darkest caves and makes the cravings of dreams visible.

I TRY TO IGNORE, there is nothing relating between us specifically. But the times you try to have general conversations with me, I fight with myself not to talk to you. Not that we don’t end up with a great talk, but the carry over keeps me shifted to a different space.

Not all the chances I refuse; I fall; I get stuck; I feel trapped; I suffocate; I become conscious; I feel no gravity; floating through the blood that is getting cold, I slip the grip which is the tool for the self resisting.

They say chase your dreams, and you are my dream. Love is an emotion that has to be felt to own and not chased for. Do I have a way?

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