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Anukriti Soni



Anukriti Soni


C- Minus

C- Minus

4 mins 354 4 mins 354

I remember when I was in high school my friends decided to organize a party for one of our friends, Smriti. Smriti had got a C minus in her project submission and we wanted to cheer her to work harder. I know a party for a C minus may sound extravaganza when you have people in group who have aced an A plus, but considering Smriti's past grades, it was still a lot better.

On Saturday night we all made all the plans for next day's day out and Smriti was unaware of everything.

Next day, we all met at a park and headed together to pick Smriti from her house, she was still in her pajamas when we reached there.

"Geez! What happened guys?" She asked shocked. It took us half an hour to get her ready and leave with us.

We first went to the 'Milkshakes and More' to grab best milkshakes in town. Smriti was constantly stuck to one of the twins of our group, April, asking her why wee were doing all this, but for the first time the fluffy tummy April has kept the secret in her stomach safe. There was a constant murmuring among the rest of us that maybe Smriti is getting a hint why we are doing all this.

Later we went to zoo. I still remember those to Koala bears who were doing their butt match. My friend Jatin made an entire video of it.

We had planned to reach our final destination that was Smriti's favorite comfort place and tell Smriti about the reason of the party. But before that we stopped to grab burgers at the Subway.

"So, Smriti we've heard that you have been getting some D's or maybe D plus" One of our friends, Rohit said winking at Smriti.

"What? What are you people even saying?" Smriti asked confused.

"Hey, I got a B plus" May, one of the twins among April-May said, everyone shushed her up.

We then headed to Smriti's comfort place. It was the top of the small bargi hills, a silent cold place where people hardly used to go. The place had some relaxing sense of comfort, Smriti was right this place has solution for every problem.

Finally, Rohit broke the silence,

"So Smriti we all want to congratulate you for your C minus and we want to you constantly do hard work in future also. This all day out was to make you feel special about yourself' Rohit shouted and everyone clapped.

We expected Smriti to come and hug us tightly instead she showed us an angry expression,

"What? Are you guys crazy? This is so embarrassing, I feel as if you all are making fun of me for my C minus. I thought this all was for my birthday" She said sounding angry and sad.

We felt as if we were trying to hold a balloon for the whole day, which turned out to be a bubble and it has busted finally.

"And... And for your birthday as well" Rohit said trying to cover up.

"NO! Do you even know when my birthday is?" Smriti said loudly.

"Yea...April" Rohit said rubbing his hair.

"What? I don't know anything" April said confused.

"No, No I meant April month. Right?" Rohit said nervously.

Smriti broke into tears and went aside to sit beneath a tree.

God! We wanted to make her happy and feel special instead here she was crying and feeling that none of her friends remember her birthday.

"I really don't remember when her birthday is" Jatin said. Maybe we were so panicked with all this turn of events that we forget about her birthday, We were friends since the era when Facebook doesn't used to tell people birthdays, still we used to wish each other on time.

Finally, we all went to her and apologized to her. It took time but she was convinced later.

We spent the rest of the day at those hills only, it was so peaceful and calming.

Now when I think about all this, I laugh out loud. I am still in touch with all those friends, they are my most precious gems, my magic beans. And I still remember Smriti's birthday is 7th July, the same day when we were trying to give her a party for her C minus.


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