Yash Soni

Drama Romance


Yash Soni

Drama Romance

Biryani without Elaichi

Biryani without Elaichi

2 mins


I'm not one of those who can manage to maintain their diary every night, but today is special.

Thanks to A common friend, she convinced me to meet her second best friend (like she termed it when she saw my look).

Well, it was her who introduced us, but it was us who had the conversation, a conversation I could never imagine myself in, especially with someone I had just met.

I wish I could write the whole talk, but it's too much after a long break I took.

To summarize- how it's so difficult to find Biryani without Elaichi, experiences with lizards and cockroaches, weird encounters with aunties in trains, blah blah.

I also had a delicious Vadapav, but surprisingly now, I have a faint memory of it.

All I remember was, the scooty ride back home, I was smiling. Today is the day; I met Ashini.


Now when I think of it, it's strange,

how a foodie doesn't remember the taste a Vadapav,

how an introvert decided to meet a stranger and melt in her presence.

She isn't breathtakingly beautiful, neither will her features leave you awestruck, but there's something about her.

I know, I'm just 19.

I fall for every other girl who manages to talk sweetly.

But I have never wished to spend my life with someone. Never.


I remember my teacher telling me to write something in my diary every night.

She would say whatever happened, whatever is on your mind, pen it down.

As I read my entries for the past two days, seems this is all I've thought of for two days now.

The last time I managed to make a record was to write here, for two days straight.

Strange how people can change you, isn't it?

Today, we met again.

Not for really long, just a cup of coffee.

I think that common friend is a little suspicious now.

You see, I'm not a poet.

If I look for metaphors to describe it, I can't find one that's apt.

All I know is, as I returned home, hungry, Ma had made biryani for the first time, and it was waiting for me.

I realized, having the first bite of the tastiest biryani, at that moment, reminded me of Ashini.

Do you think I've found my biryani without the elaichi?

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