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Chaitanya Desale

Drama Inspirational Tragedy


Chaitanya Desale

Drama Inspirational Tragedy

Believe & Live

Believe & Live

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She sat in the Starbucks cafe, sipping her coffee & staring out of the window. The blood stained knife lay next to her hand bag, covered with her blue silk scarf. ' here is your bill for a Caffe Americano. Anything else Mam ?' Waiter said. She shooked her head & drawn out amount for bill from her handbag. Suddenly, waiter looked at that handbag & grunted ' Is it a knife ?' ' You mind your own business ' she said & gave the money to a waiter. But instead of a waiter & she , there is me. I was looking at her since last ten minutes. As you might know that girls and drinks, both are good at Starbucks.

She was just about to leave that table and I stopped her. ' is everything all right? ' I asked. ' why don't you people mind your own business?' She said. ' Actually I am. I am a writer & you can tell me your story. May be it will bump some idea in my mind. ' ' Are you Chetan Bhagat ?' ' not Chetan. But I am Chaitanya Desale & you ?' ' I don't talk much with unknown people.' ' but only with much talking, unknown transforms to known. Believe me & tell me your story.' ' okay, sit. First tell me something about you then I will tell my story ' I sat on the chair next to her & said ' I am Chaitanya, just like Chetan Bhagat; I completed my engineering but I want to become a writer. I had written two novels & now I am looking for some publishers here , in Delhi. Now you start your story. ' ' Desale means you are Marathi, right? ' she said. I nodded. I never understood why people always want to know about your community; there are lots of things to know.

" I am Divya Singh, a Punjabi girl. I was born in Amritsar.There I was living with my family . My family means my Mother, Father, Aunty & my elder brother Pavan. My mom was a housewife.But housewife doesn't mean that she has no work to do, in fact she has more work than others & she doesn't have a proper working time, like from 11 am to 6 pm. She had to do work for 24 hours , without break. I always liked Rajma & Dal makhani made by my mother. And ' for me, neither Thumbs up nor Pepsi, the best cold drink in this world is Lassi.' My Dad was a Taxi driver. He drove a taxi everyday in Amritsar. But doing this doesn't earns much profit to him and that's the reason why we were a middle class people.

Amritsar is my favourite city. I liked Golden temple too much. Me & my mom always had a visit to golden temple. My father were so busy in his work, he hardly finds time to be with us. My Aunty's name is Ruchita. I always called her 'Ruchi Chachi'. She was a widow. Because, she lost her husband & my uncle. I had never seen my uncle, I had seen his photographs. My uncle was in Army & he died during a war before my birth. Pavan is my elder brother. He always helped me in my studies, specially in mathematics. I never liked mathematics & all numbers. But maths is favourite subject for my brother. I remembered a line said by my brother, which he heard from his teacher. ' Play with these numbers. Otherwise ,no chance even to become a plumber .' So , overall this is my life upto my childhood. But as I was growing up, everything had changed.

When I was in my 10th standard, Pavan went to Bombay for his graduation at IIT ,Bombay. One day my Mom went to a market & Dad was at his driving job. I asked my aunty that ' Ruchi chachi, why you don't get married again after death of uncle?' ' There is no one like the first one .' Ruchi chachi said. I was so young at that time & hence my little mind couldn't understand that. ' If I get married again, what is the guarantee that the person will live more than me or equal to me. As death is the only truth of life, then its better to live in the memories of one ; than doing other fun.' Ruchi chachi said looking towards my puzzled face. I missed my brother Pavan too much, but he is too busy in his IIT life. That days, there were no mobile phones, so he called us once a week from telephone booth near his hostel. One day, my Mom had cooked Butter Paneer because that's my second favourite dish next to Rajma. ' Pavan hadn't called since 10 days.' Mom said & I nodded. 'Can we go & meet him ?' Mom asked. ' I heard that even parents aren't allowed in his hostel.' I said. ' These days, I missed him so much.' Mom said. ' Me too. But don't worry Mom, I am with you; I will never leave you alone.' I said. But I was wrong, as the time changes we have to change. So I also had left my home for my graduation. But really, I don't want to leave my home. So, I was crying before the day when I had to left my house. ' Dad, I don't want to go anywhere. I will stay with you here.' I said. ' Divya, I have never studied anything in my life & that's why I am a taxi driver. But you have to study. Don't be like us. Go & study.' Dad said.

Due to his inspiration, I went to Delhi for my M.B.B.S. In Delhi , I got so many friends like Nikita, Ananya, Sudeep, Radhey & Nisha. But amongst all, I liked Radhey & Nisha most. Nisha was tall, Pretty girl with short hairs. Radhey wasn't much handsome but he was clever guy with spectacles. I had started my new life with new friends . When my first year of M.B.B.S was over, my brother Pavan completed his engineering. And the great news is, he was selected in campus interview. He got the job in one of the famous company in Switzerland. But I was quite confused , is it a good news or a bad news. Because, once again he is going far away from us. That was the time of my holiday, when Pavan had left home & went to Switzerland. But before going there, he gave me a special gift. That special gift was a ' Parrot'.Yes, a real parrot with green skin & feathers. That was a lovely bird I ever seen. ' when you miss me, see this.' Pavan said. Pavan touched the feet of mother, father & Ruchi chachi. He hugged me & gave me the cage with that parrot & then he left for his flight to the airport along with my Dad in their taxi.

Second year of my M.B.B.S has started. I had taken the cage of parrot along with me in Delhi. But I am was little confused about his name. Finally, I named him 'Pyare' . Because he was too lovely. People have parrot but I had my Pyare. I miss Pavan so much & that's why I was looking towards Pyare so much. Once again I started my life with my friends & with Pyare. But after six month, something happened which I never ever expected ; Radhey proposed me. That day I was in Canteen along with my all buddies & just he said that he loves me. I didn't spoke a single word. I was surprised & confused at the same time. Later I had discussed this topic with Nisha. ' Divya we aren't kid now. Grow up , think & take the right decision. ' Nisha said. I had thought about that. Actually, Nisha was right. I have to take the right decisions. As I was above 18 that time; so I could take the decision about my life. And Radhey was a nice guy. So after three days, I took the decision. I said ' yes' to him. That means, he was my boyfriend at that time.But after that incidence I came to know lot of things about Radhey. His mom & dad had divorced. He is living with his uncle in their house. He was a good singer. And he had won the state level singing competition twice . So, just like that filmy couples, the relationship of Divya and Radhey had started. We had a drink in coconut with two straws. We had watched some of the movies together like Kal Ho naa Ho & Spiderman 2. Even while lectures, we concentrate more on hearts topic just like the four chambers of heart, articulam & a ventricle, etc. Well, that's the love & obviously it was the hearts matter. I was busy in my studies, friends &Radhey. And I forgot about Pavan .

Later, I had remembered that he hadn't called me since three months. Once, I wrote a letter to him, but yet he didn't replied. What happened with him ? Is he was so busy in his work ? Or that new country doesn't reminds him about us ? Is it true that people changes as time changes? I had thought about that. But I was unable to find the solutions of that questions. As Pavan suggested, I was looking towards the parrot he had given to me. I was looking towards 'Pyare' , because I was missing Pavan. Seven months are gone, yet Pavan neither wrote a letter nor called me. Mom, dad & Ruchi chachi , all were worried about Pavan. And I was listening Pyare 's tweets instead of Pavan's voice. One day, I was in college canteen, sipping my coffee & suddenly Radhey said something to me. It's second time, when I was surprised & confused at the same time. ' I want break up, Divya.' Radhey said. ' Why ? What happened?' I asked. ' Nothing. But just over this now ' ' Radhey, I love you so much & can't live without you.Even I want you to marry with me.' ' that's the problem, Divya. I don't want anyone to marry with me. Marriage is the end of life. As my mom & dad had divorced, so I never want to marry with anyone. But in recent days, just some things happened in my life. And I concluded that, there is nothing like love. It is just attraction between two people which have some validity. But one day it is going to end. So , let happen this day which is going to happen one day.And I am so sorry Divya, it's not your fault. It's completely because of my parents.' After saying that lines he went to the class & I was still sipping my coffee which is already converted to cold coffee. So, he broke up with me.

As, I was a M.B.B.S student, I have lots of information about the heart. Still I couldn't find the place in the heart from which the pain comes. It's paining in my heart when Radhey leaved me & I couldn't find that from which chamber, that pain is going to be filtered. That days, I was alone at my hostel room . As my room mate Nisha went to her home & due to this sudden break up, I was completely broken but just anyone can't see my broken pieces. That were the worst days of my life, when these unexpected things are happening.

One day, I had a call on my hostels telephone. It was my dad's call, saying that he was coming to meet me along with my mom. I was happy, as I listened this news. But the next moment, after few hours, I was sad. My mom and dad were coming to Delhi from Amritsar by bus. And the bus had a sudden accident with a truck. My mom &dad were died in that accident. Fifteen passengers were died in that accident including my parents. Is it a bad luck for them? Or a bad luck for me? I couldn't understand that. It's bad for both & sad news for me. These sad and bad moments were making me mad. Two weeks are gone, yet I was crying. Ruchi chachi was alone at home and I was at my college hostel. Again ,I had wrote a letter to Pavan but still he didn't replied. I was missing my mom and dad. I was missing Radhey. I was missing Pavan. So , I was looking towards Pyare. Suddenly Pyare had started tweeting. ' what happened with you now? You are also unhappy with me?' I grunted over Pyare. Pyare kept silent for two minutes & again started tweeting. And this leads to the transfer of my nature from sad to angry. I took the knife laid next to my table. Generally I had used that knife for cutting fruits. But that time, there is collision of too much thoughts in my brain & this tweeting of Pyare is disturbing that. ' So you are unhappy with me ? Continuously tweeting. Just wait for a moment, I will stop your tweet permanently.' I said & entered that knife into the cage of Pyare. Pyare's tweeting was stopped.There was pin drop silence in my room. And suddenly I saw, the knife was now converted to blood stained knife. Pyare was no more. I killed that pretty bird.

Too much tragedies were happened with me. My boyfriend dumped me. My mom and dad were died. My brother was out of my contact. And now, the last one, the pretty bird who was always with me, was killed by me. "

Finally she opened her handbag & I saw that blood stained knife. " See Chaitanya, this is that knife with which I killed that pretty parrot." She said. " so, what happened after that?" I asked.

" As time changed, things had changed. I understand that we have only one life which has been made for living alone. There are lots of people who are going through tragedies like me. But still they couldn't stopped, they are living their life. God have made other people for supporting us. But when other people left you, just understand that God had now belief on you. God had believed that you can live your life own without the help of others. That's why other people had left your life . Now I was living my life on this belief. I had completed my M.B.B.S & now doing job in Sanjeevani hospital, Delhi. I had seen many people there who are requesting us for saving there life. I had left my people, but I couldn't let happen this with another. I was continuously trying to save the life of another people. Before a year ago, I had a visit to Switzerland, there is my brother Pavan, who was happy with his wife and a son. The appearance of new people in his life leads to the end of existence of old people. He had read my all letters, still he didn't replied. He was just living his life with his wife and a son. Ruchi chachi was also living her life in memories of my uncle . After Radhey, I didn't loved to anyone & even I didn't married. As Ruchi chachi said, ' there is no one like the first one '; I was happy with my old memories. And I was wrong that I couldn't live without Radhey.

Now I can live without anyone except oxygen. Now I am living life to make others live. I am a doctor who is equal to God for some people. I had tasted many pains, which I never going to happen with anyone. Well that's my life. That's my story. " she said. Finally, she ended her story. ' Well, I will surely write a book on you.' I said. ' Best of luck to you Chaitanya. Publish your novels & be like Chetan Bhagat .' She said.

' Can we meet again ? ' I asked. ' There's no meeting like the first. You just concentrate on my story, not on me. And now please allow me to go. May be, my patients were waiting for me.' She said.

I waved her a hand & she went out of the Starbucks cafe.

Today, I understand life . Yes, life is meant to live for us. I am not saying to be selfish, but just be self limited. It's okay, to do enjoy with friends, but when they left us, why we were missing them? Well, missing someone is nice, but only upto some level. So, life is great, you just start to self concentrate. When you think life was over ; just believe that life is like a river , which is going to meet an ocean. And ocean means a huge life like no other. So just believe & live.

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