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Drama Romance Crime


Maria Faraci

Drama Romance Crime

Beautiful lies - Prologue

Beautiful lies - Prologue

5 mins

"Makeup, check!"

"Dress, check."

"Groom, check!" 

"Well, I'm ready to ruin my wedding!"


♡Hazel Murray's POV♡

"Hazel, are you sure you want to do this?" Luana asked, concern masking her face.

"Well it's not like I haven't done it before Lu !" I exclaimed, fighting the urge to roll my eyes at my bessies.

"I know I know, but this guy is dangerous. He's known for ruthless actions and cold attitude! He even has a tattoo on his left arm that says No mercy allowed. 

"Dominick O'Sullivan is an arse and I'm aware of that, but I'm not staying that long with him. A week at the most ; I still don't know how he fell for my tricks." I shrugged.

"Did you sleep with him?" She asks, waiting for an answer. 



"Good god you're such a bitch. " She joked. 

"I will take it as a compliment! My wedding gown is okay innit?" I asked, admiring myself in the mirror. 

"It's quite amazing Hazel, you're really good in this attire and I am not saying that because it's the tenth time I've seen you wearing wedding gowns." She said sincerely. 

I looked at her, feeling a little bit nervous. I always feel this way before my weddings. But I always act confident in front of my 'betrothed'.

"So what are your plans for after the wedding ceremony?"

"Okay, our wedding night will consist of me drugging him and searching in his personal files. I already know about his huge bank account Lu he's got millions! This will seriously help us." I smiled. She smiled back and stood up to leave the room. She knows I like a little bit of privacy before my weddings. Breathing exercises off course...

"Oh wait Luana did you get my fake ID ?" I asked and when she nodded I sighed in relief, thanking my lucky stars that I haven't left it back at the hotel.

"I put it in your bag earlier this morning. Let me bring it." She said before getting my back and pulling a little rectangular card.

Name: Grace Williams. 

Mother's name:Elena Gillard. 

Father's name: Gregory Williams.

Date of birth:23/4/1997.

"Well, I'm not really sure about the age. I mean 23 really? I look much olderthan that." I snorted as I squinted my eyes at my fake imprinted date of birth.

"Are you bloody serious ? I would put 18 and they would still believe it ! You just look so young and gorgeous for a 27 year old woman."

"Ma'am please, the ceremony is about to start. " A woman in her early forties announced as she entered the room interrupting our conversation. 

"Yes, just give me a second..." I started as I looked at her name tag but found none.

"Laurie ma'am. "

"Quite beautiful name Laurie. " I smiled before hearing the door click behind me.

"Are you ready for the act?" I asked Luana."

"You should be glad I work with you in this shit Hazel!" She spoke sternly, but I knew that she was deep down, worried as heck.

"And you know that I love you for that! We're both doing it for a good reason, don't worry." 

Let the show begin...


♡Dominick O'Sullivan ♡

An hour before the wedding 

"You're such an arse mate ! I can't believe you're marrying a girl that you've know for only a month!" Zayn asked in disbelief. 

I looked at my tailored suit that I still haven't worn yet and then back at my algerian mate Zayn." It's like you don't know why I'm marrying her. You know that I don't do stupid crap like that. And besides, she's beautiful and innocent. Can you believe we haven't even kissed yet!" I chuckled at the memory of her dodging my every kiss.

"So you didn't bed her?! She's absolutely gorgeous yes, but innocent? I doubt about that."

"I didn't bed her yet. She always make excuses and doesn't let me touch her. Don't worry, everything will go just the way I planned. " I said reassuring him.

"Are you su-"

"Yes I am sure ! She will be so happy in this marriage. She won't suspect anything and she will definitely love my little April."

"So you didn't tell her that you have a daughter?" He shouted in disbelief. 

"Never got the time really. But she said that she adores children. Everything will be alright." I said grinning. " Let me just check on my betrothed." I headed to her room before he could reply back.

I know that Zayn was against my idea but I need this damn company! I won't give it to Abe!

I heard faint noises before I could even tap on Grace's door. She was clearly talking to her best mate. I didn't want to intrude but curiosity got the best of me.

"Hazel are you sure about that?" I heard from her bessies, but I didn't know who Hazel was.

Maybe she was talking to a girl named Hazel on the phone?

"Luana this is the tenth time you've asked me this. It will be easy when I put my hands on Dominick's bank account. I will then be out of his life like a feather. " She laughed. 

As soon as I heard those words, I started to shook in anger. My palm began to sweat. Red, was all I could see."

How can this bloody bitch lie to me? And here I thought this woman was perfect than my needs ! Zayn was right all along and I was too blind to see it. She fucking manipulated me !

I fought the urge to break the doors and snap her neck in two, but a wicked idea came to me as my angry face was replaced by a big smirk.

Let the show begin. 

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