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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Be Rich But Don't Be Foolish

Be Rich But Don't Be Foolish

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I solemnly declare that following are my true experiences which I am putting forth without malice and exaggeration. On the contrary, I am indebted to each and every individual, who has behaved the following mentioned ways. Their names have been deliberately kept anonymous on their requests, as they are modest enough for limelight.

A few days back I was in the middle of a “Street Quarrel” involving me and my buddies with me. Its best I do not detail the reasons, because if anybody is interested in it. I recommend them to visit my street and spend a few hours. Their interest thirsts will never remain unquenched. Street quarrelling is the original and the most captivating sector of my modern town. Every people and each group and individual of the society were, are, and will be fascinated by the techniques of mastering it. It has been passed on from generation to generation with new skills, practices, procedures and performances. The people here firmly believe that such type of Communication skills and powers needs to grow and they have always put their best efforts to keep it continually to growing; the functions of getting instantly angry, instant verbal skills, mob gathering and innovative profanity is improving as the demands of society increase so to fulfill the thirst and urge for development continues in this competent world. No wonder films and noon tele-serials are a part of the edifications and universities for my town people.

You may be a saint throughout your life, but in my town you are a part of the almighty’s plan to find yourself in the middle of such drama at least once in your lifetime, where you lose your sainthood for the day. So as I was saying I found myself playing a character in one such drama a few days back. But as I had “been here and seen everything” I simply kept smiling at the whole incidence, which irritated my buddy, who was the instant chosen hero of the drama. He kept scolding me later on for keeping mum and smiling like an idiot throughout. Somehow I have been simply enjoying such actions throughout my childhood. Now recently I discovered that I enjoy it more if I am in it and if I choose to keep my mouth zipped. I think the credit for such perseverance and patience which I get in such situations comes specially by growing up watching my dad who, with his diligence failed, the best of the “street-smart” intelligence, with his single and simple weapon of “silence”. Ironically I have been told that as a kid I was the one who had his mercury continuously boiling kept the kitchen utensils flying. God forbid, I would have done a Ph.D. in this area, if not my dad hadn’t set a living example.

I had observed all my life that silence is such a powerful armament in such situations that our confronting hero doesn’t dare to touch you till you keep mum. In my town, this particular tactic is out of the curriculum and is genuinely considered as weakness and cowardly. Because it’s not that anybody wants to lose such “heroic and epic battles” but it’s all about the character which will later on persist. That character which will be the most talked about event for the day, week, moth or the year, depending upon the intensity of his heroism. Hopefully by the grace of God - nothing lasts more than a year, everything in our market comes with an “expiry date”. Pity! That I still consider “Silence” as the best option even if the preeminent intellectuals defined it like that. 

So after things cooled down my friend asked again with much annoyance, those questions which are decidedly common in such situations like “How the hell could you keep quite??” “Did you not hear, what he was saying???” “How dare he challenge me and my past generations???” “I will show him more than what he wants to see of me???” etc, etc, etc. Those 10-15 minutes could be compiled into an absurd- street library. What wondered me always in such situations are – Aren’t these kids of some parents with high ambitions towards this fouls mouthed kid barking on the road? Who may be the teacher of these highly reactive, responsive and energetic youths?? Could not this energy be diverted to something creative? But then in my town idiots like me can only raise questions in some small gatherings and get called themselves great and revolutionary. Nothing official or practical about it.

Growing in a town filled with such “intelligent morons” now wonder why my dad kept educating me till no further education was possible in this country. Once in such gathering a wealthy stinking rich “Seth” had asked me “Tell me sir, all you Lecturers, you are so highly educated, intelligent and then why are you not rich?” Amassing wealth throughout his life from past few generations had made the “education gene” in him highly recessive. I honestly replied, “Tell me O Seth, you are so successful in business, rich and wealthy, but why are you not intelligent?” He avoids my presence till date.

When my buddy bombarded with those questions I reacted the same to him, which, my dad had taught all his life and I had did earlier, just kept quiet and kept smiling, because I only knew “Why” I did like that and I share with you all via this platform. I got that “Degree” of calmness by watching “Gems” at my hotel counter. Their behavior, their attitude and their doings, their approach are extreme examples and teachings in life to whom I am highly indebted to and could follow a two page write up declaring in person “acknowledgments”.

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