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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Bad Blood

Bad Blood

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Wasim is staring at the bottle of wine, lying in front of him in anger, for a long time. He wants to spit on the bottle of liquor and break them by his teeth and then mix the pieces of glass in the soil by crushing it under his feet. Then Wasim's sight falls on the large number of bottles in the cupboard kept in front of him. Now he wants that a bottle lying in front of him and all other bottles lying inside the cupboard should be filled in a sack and thrown away into the sea and before throwing them all the bottles filled in the sack must be crushed to pieces by slamming the sack on the ground repeatedly.

Wasim doesn’t get another way to express his anger. He repeatedly takes both his hands behind his head and feels as if he has committed a big crime. He wakes up in anger and starts looking out of the window. Vehicles are running on the road outside as if today was the doom’s day and everyone has to do something important before dying.

An empty bottle is placed at a corner of window, which Wasim had emptied a few days ago. The empty bottle was looking at Wasim like a widow with hopeful eyes. Wasim felt as if that empty bottle was telling him, "Take me once more into your lips."

And the moment the bottle said this, Wasim’s anger reached the peak and he found a way out now to get out of his anger. He picked up the empty bottle in such a way as though someone was pressing his enemy's throat to kill him. And Wasim smacked the empty bottle, which was looking at him as a widow with hopeful eyes, in such a way that the two bottles collided each other like two mountains and crumbled into pieces.

The sound of the collision of the bottles and shattering sound went into Wasim’s ears as if someone had poured the mango juice into his ears and Wasim felt very good. But the sound of the breaking bottles this way brought out a woman from the adjacent room as if there was an earthquake in the house, demolishing the roof and walls of the room with a heavy sound. The beautiful woman from the adjacent room entered his room surprised and nervous. She first saw the broken bottles, and then looked at Wasim, who was now looking at those beautiful bottles lying inside the cupboard.

"Ya Allah, Wasim! What happened? ”Having said this, that beautiful woman who came in after hearing the sound of the bottles breaking, started moving towards Wasim, but he stopped her there, like a military officer.

"Don't come in, Farida." You may get injured by the glass pieces.” Having said this, Wasim moved forward and brought out all bottles from the cupboard, which were proud of their beauty, and slammed them on the floor with such brutality that there was a flow of liquor in the whole house. Farida, who was standing surprised by Wasim's strict orders, was not even moving so as not to hurt her delicate and soft feet. But now she could not wait any longer and without caring for the injury to her soft and delicate feet, she moved forward carefree and held the hands of Wasim in such a manner as if he was doing something wrong.

Wasim looked at Farida with his red eyes filled in anger. Farida's eyes were white and fragrant. Wasim suddenly felt that Farida's white and fragrant eyes were filled with red blood or the the colored liquor of those broken bottles filled her white and fragrant eyes as if she had no eyes but only an ocean and then Wasim felt that Farida's white and fragrant eyes had disappeared. Now everywhere only red blood or colored wine was visible.

"Wasim!" Farida drew the attention of Wasim. Wasim noticed that all of a sudden the red color had disappeared from the white and fragrant eyes of Farida's and she had reappeared with the eye lids stooping downwards again and again.

Wasim noticed that he had broken several bottles kept in the cupboard during this time. Then he looked back at the cupboard, a few bottles were still there intact. But the remaining bottles were no longer feeling proud of their beauty as before, but now they were all hiding in a corner like scared cats.

Wasim saw the flowing alcohol in the room. He felt that the flowing liquor had turned into flowing blood now. Then Wasim could see something in that flowing blood. Just a day before, Wasim was having a party with his office colleagues in a hotel. He was eating and drinking well. A filled glass of Wasim was in front of him. He had just lifted his glass when a call came for him.

“Hello Wasim!”

“Hi Ashwini Madam? Are you well?”

“Where are you now?”

“I am in a party with office colleagues. Please tell me.”

“Nothing. You enjoy the party.We will talk later.”

“OK, I shall call you once I am free”.

And it was twelve O'clock night when Wasim became free. Wasim's footsteps were staggering due to the excitement of the party and the effect of alcohol, after all this is the fun of drinking. But Wasim remembered that he had to call Ashwini Madam. So in his intoxicated condition, even though it was passed twelve O'clock at night, he did not hesitate and called Ashwini Madam.

“Yes Wasim! What happened?”

“Madam! You had called me. You tell me what has happened.”

“Now you are drunk, Wasim. Go home.”

“No Madam. I am drunk. But I am fully in my senses. See, that I have remembered to call you. So I have called. Now please tell me why you called me.?”

“There was an urgent work Wasim. But the condition in which you are now, it is futile to talk about it.”

“Hi Madam, please let me know. I am at your service”.

“Someone’s life has to be saved Wasim. Someone needs blood urgently.”

“No problem. I am O positive. I can give blood to anyone. Please tell where should I come? I shall come just now. Don’t think that I can’t reach. I shall come walking. Please tell me where should I come?”

“I know that you are O positive. And also that you may come immediately. Only for that reason I had called you on phone. But you have got drunk, Wasim. In this condition, you cannot give blood.”

“I shall chew betel leaves and cardamom. By the time I reach the hospital the whole smell would disappear. No one will notice. I do the same when someone is at home.”

"Mere removing the smell won’t work my dear.. The effect of alcohol lasts for two days in the blood. You cannot give blood to anyone before two days. That too for two days you will have to drink a lot of water and juice. Only then the effect of alcohol will go away from your blood. "

Wasim did not know this. He felt as if the snake had sniffed him.

"Hey! So you should have told me this first, Madam! When you had called, I had not even started drinking. I was just going to drink when your call came. I had a glass in one hand and a phone in the other. And I was talking to you. "

“I did not know that you had started drinking or not”.


“Now you go home carefully.”

“OK, who needed this blood?”

“It is for someone near and dear”.

“Could any arrangement be made?”

“Some people have agreed. We are waiting for them.”

I felt very bad Madam! I could not help you at this moment. That too because I am drunk. How bad is the liquor that it spoils the blood.”

“Now you go home, Wasim. It is too late at night.”

Wasim could not say anything further. He spent a lot of time thinking as to what he had done. What a big mistake he had done today?

Then he drank a lot of water from the morning. He also drank a lot of juice. Then in the evening he called Ashwini Madam

“What is the situation now? As you desired I drank a lot of water and also juice. I passed urine several times. In my opinion the effect of liquor would have been nullified. If you want I will come.”

“No Wasim, there is no need now.”

“Why, what happened?”

“The blood could not be arranged at the right time. And….”


“What then? The one who had to go, has gone away”


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